Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As You Struggle To Understand The Chaos That Plays Out Before You, Know In Truth That One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness. As You Have Learned Well, This Is Continually Changing By The Power Of The Individual Soul And The Collective Consciousness.

In Truth, There Is Nothing New That Is Happening. There Is Only A Change Of Perception Within Each Being. Life Has Existed In Many Ways Of Expression In Infinity Unknown To You Now. In Other Dreams And In Origin, You Have Known Other Realities.

As You Realize Your Beliefs As A Child Were Quite Different From Those Experienced As An Adult, Go Further And Deeper With The Truth That You Are An Infinite Soul. Learning, Changing And Expanding In Consciousness Is The Playground Of The Soul. Whether Moving Throughout Densities In Nonphysical Or Flying In Crafts Throughout The Multiverses, You Are Perceiving A Moment In Timelessness. Then You Move To Another Moment. It Seems All Has Become Something New. Your Perception Is New And Life Flows On.

Emotions Arise In Moments Of Grief, Creativity And Joy! The Awareness Of The Feeling Becomes Front And Center. You Might Feel Lost In The Emotions That Sweep Through Your Being. But Notice Your Surroundings Are The Same. Allowing The Truth Of Life To Speak To You Will Bring Comfort With Emotions That Are Disturbing. This Too Shall Pass As All Life Changes. Your Awareness May Allow You To Become The Observer Of It All.

Souls In The Higher Realms Are Accustomed To Expanding In Consciousness. This Is Achieved By Interaction With Life Throughout The Cosmos And Choosing To Incarnate To Experience Life In Duality. Indeed, All Starseeds Receiving This Communication Have Arrived On Earth To Expand In Consciousness And To Master Transcending Obstacles To Spirit. The Challenges Of Earth Provide A Vast Array Of Dilemmas That Offer Magnificent Opportunities For Growth.

In The Moment Of The Grand Shift, All Lessons Will Be Understood. All Lives Will Be Remembered As The Akashic Becomes Clear. The Heart Chakra Will Explode In Light And Truth As Each Soul Realizes That All Changes Were Part Of Their Own Perception. Infinity Lies Before You With The Creativity Of Your Soul. You Are Everything. You Can Create Anything! Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Perspective.

Densities Are Vibrational Frequencies That Have Always Existed. Unseen To Human Eyes Are Worlds Of Beings Around You, Swirling And Dancing As They Move To Other Locations. These Places Are Referred To As Dimensions. Indeed, All Of You Are Multidimensional Beings. You Are Experiencing A Pinpoint Of Your Journey. With Infinite Life, There Is Nothing New. Breathe Deeply And Take This Into Your Consciousness.

Light Has Always Been Light! The Degree Of Knowing This Is Within The Perception Of Each Life Form. What Is Known As Light In One Moment May Change As You Observe Angels, Fairies, Light Beings And Souls From Your Origin. You Have Done This Many Times. The Soul Chooses To Forget To Allow The Greatest Awakening. In These Moments Of Joy, You Will Know That Nothing Is New. You Simply Forgot.

Darkness Has Always Been Evil. But Darkness To A Child Remains Innocent And Without Judgement Until Those With Evil Intent Harm, Destroy And Cause Great Fear In One So Trusting. Never Again Will That Child See Life In The Same Manner. With Growth And Understanding As They Become An Adult, They Might Be Amazed That They Made It So Far. They Might See The World Through A New Lens. But The World Is The Same.

As You Move Through The Remainder Of The Final Waking Dream, Stay Present And Seek Clarity. Everything Is Here To Teach You Something. Allow The Mirror To Become Crystal Clear And You Will Understand That You Are Only Experiencing The Self. The Story That You Have Created Will End With A Burst Of Light That Will Carry You To Truth. Prepare To Be Amazed!

I Love You So!