Neioh - The Race Called Bav (Blue Avians)

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In These Moments, We Will Share A Race That Many Have Spoken About, Yet None Have Given Accurate Information. As Stories Spread After These Beings Were Seen, Only Mystery Remained.

These Sacred Beings Are Known To You As Blue Avians. As All Beings And Races Are Being Revealed, Understand That Their Appearance Is Quite Different From Yours.

Created By God-Source Allows You To Understand The Sacred Essence Of The Divine Soul.

Blue Avians Are Incarnated Now On Earth But In A Very Small Number. About 30,000 Are Mixed In Families Of Beautiful Starseeds From The Higher Realms. This Is Quite A Low Number In Comparison To Waking Dreams That You Would Consider Ancient. But You Perceive Aspects In Linear And Parallel Lives Are Together In The Moment Of Now. All Parallel Lives Have Integrated For The Shift. Blue Avians Declined In Numbers Of Incarnations Through Thousands Of Years In Earth Time. This Was Simply Their Choice.

Blue Avians Do Visit Earth In Body Form And Are Shapeshifters That Can Appear As Humans In Common Areas. They Enjoy Watching You And Interacting In Loving Ways. They Do Not Remain But The Experience Is Rewarding. They Also Enter Astral 4-D Often To Explore And Enjoy The Beauty. Being Fearless, They Walk Or Fly Among The Darkest Of Beings.

Their Appearance Is Having A Beautiful Blue Body That Stands 12 Feet Tall. Their Skin Is Soft And Covered With Downy Short Feathers. They Have Powerful Wings That Allow Them Flight In Any Location. Their Wingspan Is 20 Feet With 10 Feet On Each Side. They Have Crafts On Their Star But Often Project Their Form Into Deep Space. The Inside Of Their Body Is Composed Of Many Metals And Allows Them To Breathe Gasses In Space Such As Argon, Radium, Helium, Xenon, Krypton And Neon.

Their Star Is On The Outer Area Of The Milky Way. It Is Called BAVEE. They Call Themselves BAV. Their Race Shares The Same Body Form Appearance And Physiology. Their Faces Have Round Eyes With Narrow Noses That Blend With Their Mouth. They Smile And Speak With Loving Words.

Their Race Has No Mates And They Procreate Energetically. Their View Of Life Is Oneness And They Were Created By God-Source And Understand This. They Meditate Together To Commune And Feel The Presence Of Sacred Love.

They Do Not Experience The Death Of The Body And When They Incarnate And Die, They Return To BAVEE. Their Planet Is Covered With Large Stones And Crystals. They Sleep In A Soft Powdery Substance Called TOK. This Contains Minerals That Their Body Absorbs During Rest. There Is No Clothing Worn Ever.

Fairies Live On Their Planet And Commune With Them Often. Their Food Is Small Soft Pebbles That Are Multicolored And Easy To Consume. Their Children Play Games And Enjoy Tiny Animals That Run Across The Ground Quickly With 8 legs. They Resemble Rabbits Without Ears. Most Of Them Are Pink And Orange. They Are Called VAL.

Blue Avians Are Loving And Kind. They Have No War And There Is Not A Leader As They Live Equally As One. They Look Forward To The Grand Shift And They Love Earth Very Much!

Enjoy Your Sacred Life!

For Life Is A Gift That Transcends All You Could Comprehend In Your Present Density!

In Love We Rise As ONE!
The Light Will Open Your Path!

I Love You So!