Beloved Friends!

As Many Ponder Ancient Dreams, Others Have Never Considered Much Of Anything But Stories Told.

In These Moments We Will Share Darkness And Light And The Changes That Come With Free Will.

You Have Learned Many Truths And Stories Of The Galactic Federation. You Know Of Their Ongoing Power Of Light And Infinite Missions Throughout Densities And Dimensions.

Knowing That All Creation Of ELAKO (God-Source), Gifted All Beings With Free Will, Allows You To Understand That All Of Those Serving The Light, Can Change And Turn Against The Beautiful Freedom Given.

Two Of These Beings Of Light Are Brothers In Creation. One You Know Well As Ashtar Who Is A Beloved Galactic Commander. The Other Is Oppisheklio, Who Chose Darkness As He Discovered Power In His Separation From Light. He Enjoyed Duality And His Jealousy Against His Brother Grew.

The Anunnaki, Known As Sky Gods, Rebelled Against The Light Forces. We Have Shared That Enlil (Pidkozox), And Oppisheklio (Brother Of Ashtar), Began To See Themselves As God And The Creative Power They Possessed Was Used To Create Chaos And Darkness.

Those That Chose To Unite With The Dark Forces Were Sirians And Orions. Leaving Beings Of Light Behind, They Could Never Return To Their Origin. They Plotted Against The Galactic Forces And Vowed To Destroy What They Could On Earth. They Knew Of The Great Love And Care Of The Galactic Federation And They Understood They Would Be Defeated. But The Darkness Within Was Blinded With Power And They Arrived In Great Numbers 25 Million Years Ago.

The Galactic Federation Was Already On Earth For 5 Million Years And Had Created Beauty And Assistance Beyond Measure! As Darkness Hid And Deceived Many, The Anunnaki Spread False Light With Lies And Promises Of Power For Those Who Joined Them.

The Story Of Adam And Eve Was A Story Of Deceit. Made To Be Beautiful, It Never Happened. The Dark Forces Created The Story To Appear They Were The First Creators. The Story Changed Over Time With Lost Scripture And At Last There Was A Narrative Of How God Created The Earth. The Galactic Federation Met With The Dark Forces To Have Them Reconcile And Return To Truth. They Refused And The Light Federation Knew They Would Have To Take Care Of The Issues Involving Earth. The Garden Of Eden Was Known To Be In Southern Mesopotamia. There Were Already Many Lives Lived In This Area. This Was Not The Beginning.

As Darkness Understood They Would Have No Chance Coming Against The Light, They Ran And Hid In Mountains And Underground. When Forced Out Of Hiding, They Entered Astral Which Is Ever Changing With Places To Hide And Become Invisible.

As Starseeds Incarnated And Brought Light To Planet Earth Exponentially, The Native Souls Thrived With New Life. With Light Forces On The Ground And In The Air, The Capture Of These Dark Forces Once Of The Light Became A Priority.

Entering Astral And Commanding The Dark Forces Come Forward, The Galactic Federation Took Control And Seized Them To Be Put In Locked Areas. They Are Located In A GF Base Far Below Antarctica In A Manner That Form Cannot Move. But The Soul Within The Entities Can Be Called Forth In Satanic Ceremonies. You Are Seeing Symbols And Statues Throughout Many Governments Around The Earth.

There Are Private Ceremonies And Demonstrations Of Evil Involving Children And Adults. We Go No Further In Description But Give Enough Information Without Feeding Their Cause.

Focus On Light And Never Fear These Evil Ones! Many Humans Around The Planet Make Sacrifices To Darkness. You Are Of The Light If You Are Reading This! You Are Our Beloved Ones!

As The Grand Shift Takes You To Higher States Of Being In 5-D Sheen With The Choice To Travel To Your Origin, Our Wonderful News Is That Darkness Will Live No More!

As The Earth Shifts, All Dark Beings That Have Tried To Destroy So Many Others, Will Be Destroyed By Their Own Measures. The GF Will Take Them To A Location Where Darkness Is Dissolved Completely.

Only Light Will Exist In Majesty!

This Was Always The Plan!

In Love We Live!

We Rise In The Power Of ELAKO, The Light Of God!

I Love You So!