Neioh - Tetak From Teaseh

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As The Collective Of All Creation, Many Races Live And Breathe As You Do! Indeed, Many Live In Duality With Waking Dreams Of Illusion While Experiencing Expanded Consciousness While In Form. Returning To Their Home Will Allow The Illusion To Drop As The Soul Resumes Life From A Higher Plane Of Existence.

Other Races And Stars Live And Thrive In Duality As You Know On Earth. The Difference Is That You Are Living A Dream Of Duality And Your Home Is In The Higher Realms. Many Souls Remain In Duality Since Their Moment Of Creation By Source. Having Free Will Allowed Many To Develop With Choices Of Light And Discord With Their Intention Developing To Only Duality. Many Of These Souls Long For The Unity Of Light! One Such Star Is TEASEH.

TEASEH Is Located On The Outer Perimeter Of The Milky Way. The Beings Call Themselves ‘TETAK’. They Stand Seven Feet Tall. Their Skin Is Pale Orange And They Have No Hair. Their Eyes Are Pale Green And Their Features Are Very Much Like Humans.

The TETAK Were Discovered By The Galactic Federation As Operations Traversed The Cosmos In Magnificent Motherships. Many Beings From This Race Knew Of The Galactic Federation And Their Ongoing Endeavors To Assist All Life With The Intention Of Unity. The TETAK Were Allowed To Join The Light Forces As Junior Members That Would Learn Technology With The Guidance Of Others Established.

All Members Of The Light Forces Wear Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots. The TETAK Embrace The Assistance To Choose Light While Remaining In Duality In These Moments. It Is A Conflict Understood On Earth As Many Are Awakening. The Difference Is That TETAK Are Not Shifting, But Rather This Is Their Home Of Origin. After The Shift To Sheen For Earth, Many Races Will Follow In The Unity Of Galactic Civilizations. TEASEH Will Follow And Will Raise Their Frequency To Light! In Those Moments, Their Bodies Will Be Upgraded To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts.

In The Meantime, The TETAK Circulate A Substance Much Like You Do On Earth. The Color Is Translucent And Their Heart Is Translucent With A Yellow Tint. They Do Not Wear Clothing Except For Meetings And Celebrations. Many Enjoy Gathering With Other Races Following Meetings Held By The Galactic Federation.

There Are Mates And Children With Life Spans Of Five Hundred Years. There Is Aging In Form But Very Slow In Comparison To Earth. Each Soul Enters The Field Of Source With Complete Awareness When The Body Form Dies. They Incarnate By Choice Back Into Their Race on TEASEH.

The TETAK Enjoy Painting, Sculpting, Creating Homes By Building, Swimming In Large Oceans And Playing Musical Instruments. Their Instruments Are Not Crystal But Resemble Those Enjoyed On Earth. Homes Are Varied In Many Levels And Designs. Granite, Marble And Colorful Stones Are Used In Many Styles. There Are Paintings, Sofas, Tables And Areas To Dine. Vegetables, Fruits, Plants And Water Provide Nourishment.

Animals That Resemble Horses And Lions Are Seen Throughout TEASEH. There Are Animals That Resemble Large Dogs That Are Called WONAH. These Are The Size Of Large Lions And Their Coat Is Green. They Are Beloved Pets To Many That Live On TEASEH.

The Closest Friends To The TETAK Are Visitors From Sirius Nopplia A. The Beautiful Race From Sirius Enjoys Visiting TEASEH To Continue Presenting Oneness And The Unity Of Light. They Are Also Visited By Many Ambassadors And Goddesses That Have Speaking Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings.

The TETAK Understand Oneness And Unity But Many Continue To Choose War And Chaos. The Victory Of Light Will Unite This Race In A High Frequency Of Being As The Beginning Of A Galactic Civilization Is Near.

Continue To Expand In Light! Each Endeavor To Bring Unity With All Beings Will Make A Difference!

I Love You So!