Neioh - The Illusion

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Do You Know Who You Are Yet?

Have You Danced Through The Ethers Long Enough To Realize This Story Is An Illusion?

Have You Found The True Self In Quietness And Peace?

The Image You Hold Of Yourself As An Autonomous Being, Separate From All Others And From The Divinity That Many Simultaneously Worship And Fear, Will Be Revealed To You As The Illusion That It Truly Is!

You Are Not Simply A Focal Point Of Awareness With A Meaningless Story!

You Are A Facet Of Light In A Spectrum That Has Brought You Together To Dream This Story Awake!

You Carry The Glimmer Of Sacred Light That Holds All Together! In A Moment That Is Infinite And Eternal, You See Yourself As Insignificant And Not Heard As You Cry Out For Answers!

Beloved Ones! You Carry The Answer Within Your Own Soul! The God (ELAKO) That You Long For, Is Looking Out Through Your Own Eyes! Understand Your Divinity And Love And You Will Know Truth!

Ascension Is Absolute And Ongoing In Unseen Paths In All Places Of Being!

The Journey Of Your Soul Is Real And True! The Story That Captures You Is The Illusion!

At Each Level Of Escalating Vibration And Complexity Are Aspects Of Your Own Being, Each Part Lost In Conflict, Competition, Fear, Love And Every Conceivable Play Of Being Human.

Find Yourself Now. In This Moment!

In This Final Waking Dream, Understand That In Order For You To Experience The Authentic, You Agreed For One Last Time To Play The Part To Assist Another As They Are Assisting You!

You Are Whole And Complete! You Will Let Go Of The Fragmented Ideas That Have Deceived You For The Last Time!

See Past The Puppet Masters And Into Your Future As You Find The End Is Your Beginning!

Your Friends Have Arrived!

Be At Great Peace! You Are Going Home!

I Love You So!