Neioh – There has been a mystery and conspiracy theory for thousands regarding the Malaysia Flight of 2014. There has always been an opening to Truth by White Hats and those that participated in Military Operations globally. In these moments I will share what is before you in moments of practice with Technology that China is using now and has used in the past on many occasions. The importance is not to understand Technology for this is not possible to comprehend. Top Secret Operations by any Military is child’s play for the Galactic Federation.

The Malaysia Flight in 2014 was a target for China Military in their ongoing experimentation of destruction of aircrafts and humans without regard or respect. The encounter of Projection was to hit the aircraft with such Power and Heat that the result would be complete disintegration of form. Their evil intent destroyed the aircraft and the occupants leaving an area of darkness with extreme heat dissipated to allow a vacuum of darkness with a low temperature remaining.

The Galactic Federation moved in with speed as Motherships lined the skies above undetected. Laser focused operations of Light Speed were sent to gather Souls that would leave the aircraft in a split second. What was later observed to be Orbs circling the flight were Living Entities seen as Light. The process of gathering Light from the burning aircraft were Frequencies seen from cameras as glowing objects. These were encapsulated Frequencies that contained the Living Souls of 227 passengers and 12 crew members that perished instantly. The Souls were taken to their Origins where they remain in complete Awareness and Peace with the knowledge of all that transpired.

Our Technology is beyond your comprehension. It matters not that some will mock and disbelieve their own eyes. The Truth has always been before mankind. We assure you in Truth that Light will prevail.

We ask and advise that all Souls on Earth now will prepare for the Grand Shift of the ages.

In Light We Move As One!
Choose Wisely!