Laka - The Journey - October 25, 2022

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Your Soul Is Always On A Journey Of Growth And Expansion!

Being Infinite Beings Brings You To Understand This Waking Dream Is An Experience Chosen By Your Soul!

You Are Completing A Cycle Of Many!

This Perceived Ending Is Only A Beginning!

You Will Always Move In Light As Source Has No End!

You Are Part Of The Expression Of God! You Have No Ending!

When There Is Nothing Left To Lose, You Are Becoming Real!

For Only Then Are You Ready To Become Life As Your Sacred Soul And Give Up The Endless False Narratives.

You Will Embrace What Has Never Been Lost!  That Precious Spark Awaits You As Your True State Of Being!

For Some, Awakening Happens When You Are Truly Convinced  That You Are Hopelessly Lost!

When You Do Not Know Where To Turn, You Finally Turn Within!

This Is Where You Discover Complete Peace And Your Inner World Is Your Haven Of Bliss!

Your Unique Dance Was Choreographed By Your Own Soul For An Exact Moment To Remember!

Awakening Has Been Happening Since Your Arrival On The Planet. You Have Sensed That You Were Not At Home.

You Had No Answers To Where This Illusive Place Was And It Was Safer Not To Ask Anyone In Religion.

In Many Waking Dreams, Those People Were Killed, Burned At Stakes And Driven Away!

Some Of You Are Those Souls, Wrapped In Flesh Once Again! This Time For All Answers To Be Revealed!

The Shift Of The Ages Awaits You In Light!

But Your Journey Will Never End!

Create Your Story With The Knowledge Of Light And Movement To The Unity Of Being!


I Love You So!