Greetings Beloved Ones!

There Is So Much Life Unknown To You In These Moments Of This Magnificent Waking Dream. There Is The Perception Of Understanding That You Know Enough To Transcend The Earth Frequency. Yet There Are Layers Of The Unknown That You Are Longing For As You Observe And Questions Arise. Let’s Dig A Little Deeper!

Addressing Those Questions That Have Come Up Repetitively Through The Dream, I Hope To Put Them To Rest And Give You Peace In Doing This! Let’s Discuss The Perceived Death Of The Human Form, Freeing The Soul To Return To Origin Or Reincarnate. What Is The Reason For An Infant To Leave When They Just Arrived? Why Do Some Leave The Story When Falling Off A Ladder And Another Lives To Be One Hundred Years Old As They Engage In Multiple Activities That Would Frighten The Young! Indeed!

Understanding That The Soul Is Powerful And Infinite Is Your First Clue. The Soul Is Much Larger Than Your Body Form And Extends Infinitely Into Source. The Aspects Of The Soul Have Lived Many Simultaneous Or Parallel Lives. As Each Waking Dream Ends, The Aspect Integrates Into The Next Vibrational Frequency Of Soul That Resonates. Your Soul Is Always Moving To Oneness Of Self And The Return Movement Of Life.

In Each Waking Dream, The Soul Has Seven ‘Exit’ Points Of Choice To Leave. Remembering That The Soul Is Infinite And Ageless, Understand That An Infant Has A Plan For Arriving. The Soul Of The Infant Knows The Purpose And Intention. If The Intention Is To Leave Shortly After Arrival, The Purpose Will Be Specific And Planned.  It Could Be To Change The Lives Of The Parents, The Outlook Of The Spiritual For A Group That Knows Of The Death. An Opening For Growth And Discussion Of The Greater Purpose Of Life. The Reasons Are As Unlimited As The Soul Chooses.

In Going Further With Understanding The Seven ‘Exit’ Points, You Might Remember Hearing Many Times Of Those Leaving The Body And Returning. Maybe There Was An Illness And The Person Begins To See Angels Or Other Beings. They Are ‘Exiting’ The Human Life, And Yet The Soul Will Make A Decision Through The Person To Remain. There Are Many Vehicle Accidents And An ‘Exit’ Occurs And The Scenario Will Play Out. The Person Perceives They Are Above The Accident And Surrounded By Beings. They Choose Through The Soul Coming Through To Stay Or Leave. The Soul, Not The Human Being Is In Control.

Throughout Your Own Waking Dream, You Might Recall Many Moments Of Danger Or Illness Where You Felt You Were Leaving. There Are Bodies That Have Been Almost Destroyed And Yet Survived And Thrived As The Soul Spoke, ‘Not Yet’. Your Understanding Of The Silent Soul Is Truth, Yet Spirit Communicates As Spirit And The Universe Hears.

Now We Give You Truth Concerning Perceived Mental Illness. This Is Not Referring To Moods, Emotions And Passing Anger Or Feelings. Humans Deal With Many Self Created Situations And Thoughts Create Emotions. We Are Referring To Illnesses Such As Schizophrenia, Bipolar And Mental Illness That Affects The Person To The Point That They Can Become Harmful To Self Or Others. Many Have Raging Mood Swings And Become Psychotic Before Returning To Be Seemingly Very Normal. What Is This? As You Know, These Illnesses Remain With No Exact Scientific Cause. No Blood Test To Diagnose. Only Behavior And What Is Reported By The Person. This Will Be Difficult For Many To Accept And Understand But For Others, It Will Bring Peace.

These Are Situations Of Soul Aspects That Have Not Merged And Integrated. They Remain In Conflict And Are Fragmented Unless Integration Occurs.

In Ancient Dreams These Humans Were Burned Alive Or Killed. In More Recent Dreams To Your Time-Space Understanding, These People Were Killed, Locked Away Or Parts Of The Brain Removed. Heavy Medication To Calm And Quiet The Person Was Simply Drugging Them. The Mind Remained The Same. The Brain Is A Conduit For The Conscious Mind.

The Intention We Have Is To Honor And Teach You The Basics Of Life Before You! You Carry All Information Within And You May Become Activated In Downloads As You Hear Truth!

All Will Awaken In The Final Moments Of This Waking Dream. If You Exit Before The Grand Shift, We Will Greet You There!  For All Exist In The Unified Field And You Are Having A Temporary Life Experience. Enjoy The Remainder For All That Follows Is Bliss!

We Are Light! We Cover You In Power!

I Love You So!