Laka - To Always Be Right Or Have Peace

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Living In Duality Brings Thousands Of Perspectives For One Small Issue!

What Is More Important To You? Being Right As Your Ego Will Always Tell You! Or Being Silent And Knowing Your Own Truth Within!

For Nothing Compares To Peace! Allow The Small Things To Drift Away And Be Forgotten!

Situations Of Great Importance Will Call For A Stance To Defend Liberties And Protection Of Self And Others!

But Know Fully That Each Tiny Aspect Of Conversation With Those Of A Different View, Simply Do Not Matter In The Grand Scope Of Your Life! Let Things Go!

You Will Discover That Conflicts Affect You Physically And Emotionally, While Allowing Them To Dissolve, You Soon Cannot Even Recall Them! BASCO! (Indeed!)

The Ego’s Need To Triumph Over Another Has Been The Friend Of Duality Since Creation! This Has Been The Cause Of Wars And Endless Conflicts Throughout The Cosmos!

You Cannot Change Another, But You Can Change Yourself By Aligning With Your Soul. There Is No Ego Or False Self Here!

The Ego-Centered State Of Separation Is The Overriding Factor That Prevents Unity And The Energy Of ELAKO (Light Of God) Through Which Creation Is Focused With Great Love And Power!

The Process Of Relinquishing Conditioned Attachment To Control And Power Began With The Beings Created In ELOHIM. There Were Not Many, But Free Will Allowed The Choice To Remain In Peace With Others, Or Try To Corrupt By Using False Light!

Darkness Is Always Revealed But As You Have Noted In Your World, It Seems Justice Is Upside Down!

Many That Have Corrupted Your Life With Lies In Government, Robbing Masses Of Hard Earned Money, Ignoring Those In Great Need With Job Loss And Homelessness, Will Have Their Moment. There Is Always Cause And Effect! The Boomerang Hits Hard And Many Have Already Felt The Blow!

Never Assume That All You Witnessed In Evil Before You, Have Not Already Been Removed Permanently. BASCO (Indeed!) Those Products Just Continue To Show Up! Looking Human, BASCO!

The Accelerated Vibration Has A Momentum In These Moments And You Are Witnessing The Clashing Of Energy Unseen In Human Form! This Is Spiritual Warfare!  These Are The Moments That All Religions, Scientists And People Of All Cultures Are Recognizing As ‘The End Times.’

Whether You Call These Moments, ‘The Great Tribulation, The Coming Rapture, The Event, The Grand Shift, The Great Awakening’, Know Fully You Are Speaking Of The Same Unfolding!

For Earth Is Groaning For A Release Of Toxic Energy!

The Beloved Earth Is Alive With Consciousness As An Expression Of God!

You That Read This Are Part Of The Beautiful Story With Sharp Edges And Ethereal Light Surrounding All Life. You Are Here Together As You Planned!

Breathe Deeply And Meditate In Gratitude Each Day For The Light That Is Upon You!

Choose Peace Over Insignificant Quarrels. You Will Win Everytime!

Never Stop Looking Up! The Light Forces Are Everywhere!

I Love You So!