Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

Within The Vast Creation Of Stars In Galaxies Known And Unknown On Earth, We Offer Another Race. Indeed, This Star Is In The Location Of Your Milky Way. However The Vibrational Frequency Allows This Star To Resonate At Such Speed Of Vibration That It Is Not Seen At All By Human Eyes. Energy Can Be Detected By The Finest Operations On Earth. But No Man Can Receive The Complete Visual Of This Magnificent Star.

The Name Of This Star Is AKI. The Souls Of This Star Are Called ALKI. They Are Well Known By The Galactic Federation That Discovered Their Home Many Thousands Of Years Ago. This Visitation Was Just In Time As The ALKI Were Having Massive Wars With Much Destruction. The Gift Of Free Will From Their Beginning Brought Duality To Extreme Levels As Egos Clashed.

The ALKI Stand Four Feet Tall With Brown Skin And Short White Hair. Their Facial Features Are Human Like With Very Narrow Noses. With Upgraded Bodies, They Circulate Light But Their Lives Were Short Before The Arrivals Of The Galactic Federation. They Lived Approximately Sixty Years And Incarnated Back Into Their Own Race.

The Souls Of AKI Enjoy Families By Procreation Of Energy Transmission. They Experience All Of The Emotions Of Joy, Love And Creativity. The Light Of Their Being Now Allows Unity And Oneness. But Their Battles Raged With Force And Destruction For Millions Of Years.

The ALKI Had Learned Of Technology And Weapons For Many Of Their Lifetimes. Just As Earth Has Changed Over Millennia, The Lives Of Those On AKI Progressed To Even Greater Discord As Areas Took Sides To Destroy Other Beings Decided To Be Unworthy To Live. The Beings Of AKI Were Slowly Destroying All Life On Their Star Of Creation.

Before The Magnificent Upgrading Of Bodies By The Light Forces, Animals Died From Disease With Short Lifespans. Now, The Transformation Has Allowed Powerful Lions And Tigers The Freedom Of Bodies That Serve Them Well. Children Cuddle With Massive Animals That Experience Only Peace Within Their Being.

Until The Galactic Federation Arrived, There Was Little Travel Available. The ALKI Constructed Vehicular Crafts That Failed Miserably With Intentions To Overtake Others By Surprise. When The Choice To Serve The Light Was Born In The Crystal Hearts Of Life Among These Souls, Interactions With Other Stars Grew. The Current Status Of Travel Is With The Availability Of Vehicular Crafts That Traverse All Of AKI. The ALKI Now Enjoy Family Crafts That Visit Other Stars And Planets Of Light!

Homes Have Been Transformed From Rocks And Hardened Clay To Crystal Structures Of Beauty. Pleiadians Introduced Crystal Instruments And Celebrations Of Joy Are Held As Everyone Dresses In Colorful Apparel.

Many Of The Upgraded Souls Of Light Were Recruited To Serve As Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation. Wearing Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots Has Brought Honor And Love To The Souls Of AKI. Entering Massive Motherships Has Become A Powerful Endeavor Of Accomplishment For Those Once Immersed In Such Chaos And Discord.

Their Message Resonates For All Souls Of Creation. You Are Never Stuck In A Frequency Of Suffering. Light And Peace Is Possible For All Souls. The Gift Of This Light Is Awaiting Your Moment Of Change With The Grand Shift To Sheen!

I Love You So!