Beloved Friends Of Light!

There Is No Person That Has Lived On Earth That Has Not Experienced Pain In Many Ways. Whether Physical Or Emotional, This Frequency Of Being Is A Challenge. Many Move Forward By Denying The Existence Of This Unpleasant Visitor. But Know In Truth, Pain Is Here To Serve You!

Choosing The Perspective Of The Soul, All Pain Is Here To Transcend. This Allows The Greatest Experience As The Personality Is Suddenly Aligned With The Soul. As We Tell You Often, Nothing Is Wasted. Only In The Frequency Of Oneness Is There No Awareness Or Perception Of Any Malady.

Pain Is A Tool Of The Soul. There Would Be No Other Reason To Allow Such Suffering Among Souls In Form. There Would Also Be No Purpose To Arrive In The Earth School So Many Times. It Would Make Much More Sense To Remain In Origin With Perfect Bodies And Minds In Infinite Life!

Each Soul Arrives Into Waking Dreams Of Duality With Perceived Hardships. In Each Created Story, There Are Ongoing Moments To Awaken As Each Incident Of Pain And Struggling Brings With It The Encoded Frequency Within The Soul. This Gift Was Planned Long Ago In The Higher Realms Before The Personality Was Created On Earth. Many Will Never Discover The Gifts Within As They Feel Like Victims As Emotions Rage Or Cause Helplessness.

Breathe Deeply And Remember Your Power Within!

Pain Is Here To Serve You! This Is Never To Say It Is Not Real. The Physical Form Will Experience A Wide Range Of Lower Frequency Pain Before Arriving At The Possibilities To Transcend. Many Humans Have Suffered With Disease, Depression And Broken Bodies Before Finding They Can Heal The Mind And Transform Their Lives.

All Disease Begins As Energy Around The Body. This Affects The Immune System And The Complete Physiology Of The Body, Long Before Illness Is Recognized. The Body Is At Work Taking Care Of Antigens Or Foreign Proteins That Are Invading. The Flacah And White Blood Cells Are Busy Clearing Areas Of Inflammation. Indeed, By The Time Symptoms Are Noticed, Many Life Forms Are Moving On Your Behalf.

The Body Is Intelligent With The Consciousness That Is Spirit. Your Body Knows How To Heal And Your Free Will Allows You To Take Part In This Magnificent Process. With Intention And Thoughts Of Healing, You Have Control Over Your Perceptions And Outcomes.

Many Humans Have Learned To Transcend Pain To Spirit. Broken Bones And Injured Spines Have Been Restored By The Power Of Belief With The Connection To Spirit. As Everything Living Is Within Consciousness, Know In Truth That The Collective Power Of Light Is Very Real.

Those That Have Experienced The Result Of Prayer, Are Reacting To The Frequency Of Healing. Long Distance Healing Is Possible As One Goes Within And Sends Frequencies Of Light And Healing. It Is Felt By Another And Distance Is No Factor. Groups That Join In Prayer Are Merely Meditating And Calling The Malady Into A New Frequency. 

Everything Is Here To Serve You. Your Worst Days And Your Greatest Disappointments Have As Much Potential To Help You As A Beautiful Moment. Allowing The Outcome Of Peace And Healing To Be Present In Your Thoughts Will Bring This Reality To Your Being!

Choose Healing And Believe That All Things Are Possible!

I Love You So!