Laka - Oneness

Beloved Ones Of Light!

Life Is A Gift That Is Infinite And Changing!

You Are Life!

You Are One Way That God (ELAKO) Is Expressing In Form!

You Share The Essence Of God With All Other Aspects Of Creation Around You And Throughout The Cosmos!

Living In Duality On A Planet That Is Alive With Consciousness, Allows Many To Forget The Great Love And Giving That The Earth Supplies. The Planet Was Suspended In Power To Turn With Grace And Absorb Sunlight To Replenish Your Food Supply And Your Oxygen To Breathe. Each Tree, Flower And Mountain Has Served You For Billions Of Years, With Only Love!

The Poisoning Of Oceans And Land For Greed And Corruption Has Changed Your Food Supply And The Endless Medications For Business And Wealth Had Caused Breakdown Of The Body Form That Was Designed To Live As One With The Land And Creation Provided.

Understanding Oneness Will Allow You To Choose Once Again. You Once Knew. You Knew This Well!

There Is No Dividing The Spirit Of God! God Is Love! Love Flows And Covers.

You Are This Love!

As Living Souls You Incarnated To Earth Many Times With Parallel Lives. In Many Waking Dreams. Your Soul Lived In Aspects Unknown To You. Each Soul Is Vibrating At A Frequency With The Added Choices Of Each Life Story. As The Body Died In Each Waking Dream, The Soul Aspect Integrated Into The Closest Frequency If A Life Remained In Form. In This Waking Dream, You Will Have Completed Integration. Twin Souls Will Complete As We Shift.

So Here You Are Feeling Alone And Desolate When You Are Part Of Everything! You Are One With God!

You Are Moving To The Perception Of Perfected Love That Is Already There!

In The Deepest Knowing Of Love, There Is Only One Of Us Here! But Many Are Not Ready To Hear This!

After All, You Remain In Duality In Your Life, Even Though You May Grasp Oneness.

After The Shift, Duality Will Remain In Many Places Throughout Creation As There Will Always Be Free Will.

Life Would Not Be A Gift If There Was No Freedom Of Choice!

You Will Always Have Individual Perception As A Soul. But The Mastery Of Overcoming Duality Will Allow Complete Freedom As Your Perception Is Through Light!

God Flows Like Water And To Find The Peace That You Are, Allow Trust And Surrender To The Light That Guides You As Your Life Force Within! You Cannot Hold Water In Your Hand As It Flows Softly Into All Places And Continues!

So It Is With Love!

Allow Life To Grow And Expand And Become One With This Thought Of Infinite Expansion! For What You Think About With Belief, Becomes Your Reality In Creative Form!

Move In Love And Follow The Light!

In One We Rise!

I Love You So!