Laka - Sedona Military Base

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

We Have Always Shared That Your Friends From The Higher Realms Are With You!

Indeed, The Vibrational Frequency That Covers You In Light Is Not Only Traversing The Earth In Motherships, But Is Active In Many Types Of Bases That Are Beneath The Surface In Viewing. One Base That Has Recently Been Shared In Communication Is The Base In Sedona Called ‘BASK’, Where ‘The Unity Of Light’ Is Held With Great Honor!

In This Communication, We Will Address One Of The Many Military Bases That The Galactic Federation Oversees With Light And Power. This Base Is Also In Sedona, Arizona In A Location Of 3-D. White Hats From Earth As Well As Bi-locals From The Pleiades Are Busy With Monitoring The Planet. There Are Many Pleiadians From Motherships That Arrive And Assist Greatly. Other Races Come And Go As Entering The Area Is Protected And A Seamless Operation.

The Galactic Federation Arrives Wearing Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots. White Hats On The Ground Wear Army Uniforms That Will Vary From Black, Green, Grey Or Camouflage. The Purpose And Integrity Of Each Magnificent Member Is Unified With The Power Of Light! Elders From The Elohim Races Arrive In Crafts And While On The Ground In 3-D, They Will Manifest In A Human Body. Arcturians Are Quite Accustomed To Changes In Height And Color To Accommodate Service Members That Would Possibly Arrive In Their First Experience With Beings From Higher Realms.

Large Tunnels And Passages That Span Miles, Are Easily Accessed By Motherships. As Occupants Leave The Craft, They Are Quickly Transported By Small Vehicular Crafts To Meeting Places That Are Top Secret To All Other Military Personnel. Doorways That Are Encoded With Light Will Open And Expand To Welcome These Representatives From Many Places. The Large Rooms Are Encased In Steel And Cannot Be Penetrated By Any Machine Or Explosion.

Here Is The Place Of Secrets And Power! Screens Rise From The Floor As Images Of Earth Appear As Programmed By Telepathy. Be Assured That All Places On Earth Are Easily Accessible By Sight And Current Activity. Whether Earthquakes, Tsunamis, War Or Planned Pandemics, These Mighty Forces Of Light Are Ready To Take Action. Decisions Are Made According To Soul Plans As Well As The Survival Of Many. Boots On The Ground Are Swift And Powerful As Each Member Carries Out Specific Orders And Instructions.

Many Humans That Have Agreed To The Special Forces Of Light Will Enjoy Flying In Motherships As Well As Smaller Crafts That Are Stationary In The Area Above Sedona. Some Will Choose To Be Encoded To Not Remember This Activity In An Effort To Preserve Privacy While Serving. Others Choose To Know And Remember As They Are Awakened And Fully Remember Their Home Of Origin And The Many Crafts They Enjoy!

This Powerful Military Base Has Many Helicopters Over The Area That Are Occupied By White Hats. They Survey And Report Activity Around The Mountains Where Many Traverse Trails For Leisure. It Is Always In The Best Interest Of Safety That All Visitors In Sedona Are Kept Miles From The Area. There Are Moments Of Small Rock Falls Or Debris From Areas High Above. Military Ops Will Assure That No One Arrives In The Area Of Meetings.

This Base Of Operations Is Not Accessible To Any Human That Might Decide To Explore The Area. There Are Miles Of Terrain That Is Blocked By Massive Red Mountains That Allow No Entry By Ground Or Air. The Large Tunnels That Open Into The Red Rocks Allow Ample Space For Each Mothership To Enter. Vehicular Crafts Allow Each Occupant To Be Carried With Speed To The Checkpoint Of Entrance. The Encoding Of Light Within Each Member Opens Massive Doors At The End Of Large Curving Tunnels. Telepathy Is Used With All Vehicles And Between Members Of The Galactic Federation.

All Humans That Have Access To Any Bases Are Programmed, Encoded With Light And Assisted With Telepathy. This Is The Assurance Of Their Commitment To Top Secret Methods And Technology. All Personnel Are Treated With Utmost Respect By All Galactic Races.

This Powerful Military Base Is Created Ten Miles From BASK. There Is Often Interaction Between The Two Bases By Screens And Telepathy. If Someone Desires To Join The Other Base For A Meeting, This Is Only Done For Those From Higher Densities As BASK Is Created In The Non-Physical Aspect Of Life!

To Understand That Earth Has Friends From Higher Realms Is Only The Beginning!

You Are Loved And Honored By The Finest And Best That The Galaxy Has Brought Together In Love And Power!

Remember Who You Are!

I Love You So!