Friends Of Light!

You Carry The Light Of Creation Within Your Being. These Are Moments To Remember The Power Of Your Own Soul. You Have A Choice This Moment To Live With A Higher Perspective. Know In Truth That This Place Of Strength And Wisdom Is Always There For You!

In All Circumstances You Are Offered Variables. You May Consciously Or Unconsciously Choose Defeat Or Victory By The Creative Power Of Your Mind. There Is A Way To Choose Your Feelings About The World Around You. There Is An Ability To Choose Feelings About Your Personal Life. Changing The Perspective To Serve You Is Not Denying What Is Transpiring. It Is Surrendering To The Truth That A Greater Outcome Is Unfolding From A Higher Place Than Is Known. Moment By Moment, Anticipate With Excitement, All The Treasures That Are Opening On Your Path. This Is Dealing From A Position Of Strength.

When You Fully Understand That Everything Is Here To Serve You, The Intention Will Be To Discover The Gift That Lies Within Pain, Grief And Loss. Remembering The Impermanence Of All Things On Earth Will Allow You To Change Your Perspective To Spirit As You Transcend All To This Magnificent Healing Place. Here You Will Discover Real Strength As Love Covers All Things.

When Perception Aligns With Truth, You Will Feel This To The Depths Of Your Being. Perception Arrives With The Current State Of Awareness. Thoughts Change Emotions And This Brings Each New Perception. But Alignment With Truth Will Be Experienced Until Deviation From Truth Is Chosen.

When You Have An Absolute Opinion On Any Subject, Allow Your Words To Be Expressed In Love. Using A Condescending Tone Only Makes You Look Smaller. Kindness Is Strength And Wisdom Is The Anchor To Bring You To This Position. You Always Have A Choice. Set Your Intention For Peace And The Path Of Clarity Will Open.

For Those That Feel Such Loss That Changing  Perceptions Seems Very Difficult, Try Writing A Summary Of All That Has Transpired. For Example, If You Have Lost Employment, Know In Truth That A Better Opportunity Is Present And Every Space Will Be Filled. An Opening Had To Be Created In Order For Something Much Better To Be The Focus.

If There Is Someone That You Feel Abandoned You Or Betrayed You, Know That Their Absence Is A Gift. You Are Truly Being Spared From More Heartache. The Path Of Peace Is There For You!

All Pain Is Not To Be Perceived As Good In And Of Itself. The Gift Is What You Discover Within That Makes Life Better And More Meaningful. You Carry Everything You Need Within The Soul That You Are. As Your Mind Is Set To Deal From A Position Of Strength, Everything Changes With Your Own Perception.

Prepare For This Blessing Now And It Will Serve You In All Moments Of Your Life!

I Love You So!