Laka - Different Galaxies And Becoming Earth Families

Friends Of Earth!

Many Have The Misconception That Each Incarnation To Earth Will Be In A Family That Is Also From Their Star!

Many Times This Is Very True And Many Waking Dreams Have Families On Earth That Are Families On Their Star Of Origin. In Many Other Dreams, You Will Find Yourself With A Son, Daughter Or Spouse From Another Galaxy Or Constellation!

Why Is This Important And What Would Be The Reason For Discussion?

Many Souls With Their Identity On Earth, All Wrapped Up In A Story Of Love, Might Assume Their Loved Ones Came From The Same Origin.

It Can Be Very Surprising For A Pleiadian Starseed To Discover Their Child Is From Sirius Or The Andromeda Constellation. This Is Very Common, But You Have Never Had Anyone To Tell You!

Here We Are Again! Blowing Your Mind With More New Concepts And Facts! Always Done With Love!

In The Higher Realms And Especially With The Elohim Races That Incarnate, There Are Deep Friendships And Sometimes Mates And Families Among The Beloved Souls That You Now Know Many Details About!

Sirians And Andromedans See Life In Complete Purity And Love. They View Life As One! Their Whole Existence Is Based On The Love And Devotion For Their Race And Others They Meet. Pleiadians And Arcturians Are Close Friends And Visit Often For Meals And Wonderful Music On Many Stars.

As You Think About Your World And Those That Are Your Friends, You Often Are Considering A Close Proximity. As You Travel In Cars And Even Planes, You Can See That Distance Is A Factor!

Now, Take Your Mind To The Higher Realms Where All Families Have Crafts And Unlimited Abilities As The Powerful Unflawed Soul. Races Fly In Body Form As Easily As You Walk.

You Will Return To Your Magnificent Abilities And You Will Remember Precious Friends And Family From Many Places. You Will Always Have One Origin But You Have Loved Many!

Another Aspect Of Soul That We Will Discuss Is Gender. You Are Created In Your Soul Origin As Male Or Female. When You Enter A Waking Dream, Your Soul Will Choose Either. You Have Lived As Male And Female On Earth Many Times. Many That Are Males In This Dream, Are Female In Origin. And The Same For Females. You Might Be A Mother And Have Feminine Traits And Be A Large Muscular Male In Origin. The Story Is Not Real. It Is Created By Your Soul. You Will Be Completely Happy As Your True Self! No Worries!

The Earth Is A School Of Learning That Is Guided By Your Soul. When The False Personality Has Not Awakened, There Is Not Soul Alignment, So Discord And Unrest Will Be Present. To Align With Your Soul, Meditate With Gratitude And The Intention To Serve Others. Become The Love That You Are Within!

All Of The Elohim Races Understand There Is One Creator That Is Called By Many Names. This Sacred Force Of Love Has No Ego Or Preference Of Name. Religions On Earth Insist On Dividing An Unseen Creator In Their Own Minds Which Has Caused Many Wars Since The Beginning Of Any Man Made Religion.

As We Move Toward The Shift, Realize You Are Part Of The One Light! You Are Love!

You Will Meet And Unite With Loved Ones From Many Stars! All Races Await This Moment Of Bliss!

You Are The Family Of Light!

This Light Can Never Stop Shining In The Hearts Of All Souls!

YOU Reading This, You Are The Light!

I Love You So!