Laka - About Beloved Arcturians (Clas of Clashik)

Friends Of The Great Light!

In These Moments We Honor Our Close Friends, The Arcturians!

Created In ELOHIM In 12-D, They Were Love Without Form.

The Power And Creative Expression From The One Creator Of All Life, Gave Souls The Ability To Choose Their Own Body Form.

Without Language, They Spoke In Tones And Color As They Became More Of Their Soul With Awareness!

With Crystal Hearts And Unlimited Choices, They Knew No Death As Their Bodies Circulated Light!

They Loved The Pleiadian Frequency And It Was Returned With An Infinite Friendship!

In Their Own Choices To Express Form Together, This Group Chose Blue Skin And Heights In Stature Up To 12 Feet. They Were Beautiful In Their Beginning And They Are Beautiful Now!

The Strong Bond With Pleiadians Of Elohim Led Them To Connect Again And The Decision Was Made To Create Crafts As A Means To Visit One Another And Explore Areas That Stretched Further Than They Knew Possible. Fairies That Were Also Created Powerfully In Elohim, Assisted The Large Groups As They Began To Learn Of The Creation Of Crafts As A Way To Travel. Fairies Created Pathways And Speeds In These Flying Machines. Technology Increased Rapidly With Pleiadians And They Flew Solo For Long Periods.

Pleiadians Loved The Arcturians And Taught Them About Methods Of Even More Magnificent Crafts That They Called Motherships. From There, The Explorations Became Limitless And The Friends Visited Others Created In Elohim.

They Formed An Alliance Of Light That Would Traverse The Multiverses And Find Others That Wanted To Become Friends Or Those That Were Dangerous And Wanted No Part Of Their Efforts. These Souls Of Light Formed The Galactic Federation Which Has Grown In Numbers And Power!

Arcturians Remained On Missions With Pleiadians As Others Joined Them. They Visited One Another’s Star And Shared Meals And Music. Arcturians Are Kind And Loving With A Great Sense Of Humor! They Enjoy Laughing And Giving Gifts To Others!

The Arcturian Star (Clashik) Has A Magnificent Elder Named WANOVER KELOKAS. He Is Loved And Honored By All. He Wears Long Robes Interwoven With Crystals And A Medallion Worn On A Necklace That Is In A Triangular Shape To Honor The First Mothership Created On Arcturus. He Is Also A Beloved Member Of The Galactic Federation. He Wears Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots On All Missions.

Arcturians Enjoy A Very Similar Life To Pleiadians. They Grow Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts And Seeds. They Drink Water And Have Beautiful Gardens With Large Flowers. They Have The Creative Power To Change The Colors Of Their Mountains, Oceans And Grass. Fairies Delight In This And Fly Around Changing Colors Of Animals And Flowers Continually.

Arcturians Enjoy And Honor Many Goddesses And Ambassadors That Serve The Light With Speaking Engagements Regarding Peace For All Beings!

Arcturians Love Animals And Have The Same Animals You Know On Earth. These Animals Do Not Die As They Circulate Light Even If Rescued From Earth. Arcturians Were Present In The First Waking Dreams On Earth. They Assisted The Native Souls Of Earth With Pleiadians And Fairies. There Was Always Assistance Once The GF Arrived With Great Love And Creative Power!

There Are Currently 50 Million Arcturians Incarnated On Earth. So Many Beautiful Starseeds Are With You! 75 Million Pleiadians Are Here! Can You Imagine The Celebration Of SHEEN?

Just Love One Another!
Let Things Go!
The Best Is Yet To Come!

I Love You So!