Laka - Purpose Of Life Scripts

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Knowing This Is The Final Waking Dream, You Understand Duality Very Well!

You Also Know You Have Made Many Visits To Planet Earth For The Purpose Of Expanded Consciousness And Deeper Understanding On The Infinite Journey Of Your Soul!

As Each Soul Has An Origin Of Male Or Female, The Choice To Experience All Races And Both Genders Have Been Exciting And Rewarding In Such A Depth Of Learning And Growth.

As Each Waking Dream Has Progressed Into More Dreams, The Roles Have Changed To Experience Life From Another Perspective. If You Chose To Play A Role For A Friend In Origin And You Mirrored To Them The Part Of A Villain Or A Wonderful Nurturing Person, You Both Gained Knowledge And Understanding.

Returning To Origin Is Also Wonderful As Families Greet You And Celebrate! Many Family Members Have Often Taken Turns To Enter Waking Dreams. This Assures The Continuity Of The Family Group On Each Star.

We Have Shared In Other Communications That Karma Is Simply A Balancing Of Energy. There Will Always Be A Great Purpose For Each Role Played.

If One Is Handicapped, This May Be Used As A Great Catalyst To Draw The Soul Into Great Expression In Other Ways. Many Will Attest To Their Mastery And Growth As They Maneuver In Situations They Believed Could Never Have Been Faced. Each Loss, All Grief, Every Moment Lived Can Be Used For A Higher Purpose.

Ponder Your Story Now And Discover The Blessings And Light You Discovered In Dark Places And Moments Of Despair.

You Have Learned Well The Importance Of Choosing Thoughts That Resonate With High Vibrations And Will Always Change Your Perspective To Benefit Your Life!

You Are Never A Victim As You May Choose To See Yourself As A Survivor. Your Darkest Moments May Be The Learning Experience For Another To Find The Light Of Being!

There Will Be A Moment When You View Your Akashic And You Will Be Amazed At The Strength And Perseverance That Developed As You Made It Through The Unimaginable. You Are Here Now. You Are Fine.

You Are The Soul Of Each Role. Each Divine Script Was Chosen By Your Soul. The Story Ends But You Never End. You Are Infinite And Divine!

Imagine A Moment On A Lavender And Yellow Mountain Top. You Are Speaking To A Loved One On Your Star. You Are Laughing At All The Adventures You Had And You Feel Joy And Complete Understanding!

A Golden Horse Walks By With A Blue Unicorn As Fairies Gather And Send Frequencies Of Love All Around! You Smile At The Memories Of Your Journey And Realize It Was All So Worth It!

Live In Joy Now And Glean All That You Can As The Moments Are Short As We Prepare To Rise In Light!

I Love You So!