Laka - Synchronicities

Friends Of The Great Planet!

Have You Thought Of A Friend And They Suddenly Contacted You?

Have You Run Into Someone In A Random Place As You Tell Them, ‘I Was Just Thinking Of You!’

Have You Been Reading As You Have The TV On And You Read An Unusual Word At The Precise Moment You Hear It?

These Are Synchronicities That Appear Throughout Your Day And All Throughout Your Life!

This Involves Frequency And Perceived Time!

In This Moment, You Are All You Are Yet To Become. For ‘Time’ As You Know It To Be Is Not A Factor In Your Absolute Experience From The Soul’s Perspective!

The Soul Would Tell You That There Is No Time!

Synchronicities Are Created In Moments Where Perceived Time Lines Up With Infinity. In The Knowing Of Infinity As Truth, There Is Only Now! In These Moments Of Surprise With People, Words And Parallel Actions, The Soul Is Simply Coming Through And Allowing You To Experience Moments Of Now, Where All Happens Simultaneously.

One Way That You Might Grasp This, Is To Think Of A Birth, A War, A Celebration, A Surgery. In The Moment You Think Of This, Your Mind Experiences The Occurrence In Energy. You Have Created An Image, A Thought And A Feeling In The Moment Of Now. It May Feel That It Is Happening If Feelings Are Involved.

You Have Created A Type Of Synchronicity! Being ‘In Sync’ Simply Means ‘Together’.

How Many Wonderful Moments Can You Sync Together? How Much Joy Would You Find If You Chose The Outcome Before You Could See It? ‘If There Be Any Virtue, If There Be Any Praise, Think On These Things.’ This Is Wisdom Without Using Doctrine. Wisdom Is Timeless And Always Now!

All That Is To Happen Has Happened, Energetically!

Before Your Body Form Manifests Any Illness, Your Energy Field Reflects The Condition First. You Experience Only Now When Feeling Discord Or Illness.

In Many Moments You Feel Drawn To A Particular Set Of Circumstances That Result In Synchronicities. And Many Times When You Resist The Flow That Is The Direction Of Your Soul, You Feel Disharmony As The Path Is Changed To A Lesser Outcome.

Your Soul Always Speaks To You From The Higher Octaves Of Being And Desires That You Follow Paths That Will Bring Light And Assurance! Many Find A Great Friend Or Connection In Synchronicity And Never Think For A Moment That They Are Being Led.

A Song On Your Mind Before You Turn On Your Device, Is To Remind You Of A Lesson Learned, A Person Who Brought Love To Your Life, A Special Time, Or A Time Of Grief. Even With The Reminder Of Loss, Look For The Meaning That Will Bring You More Light!

Find Peace In Knowing You Are Being Directed In Scenarios That Will Enhance Your Life. Not Paying Attention In The Moment Of Being Led Will Only Mean That Your Soul Will Use Another Path To Get Your Attention!

You Are Flowing In One Moment Of Timelessness. Allow, Trust And Surrender To The Light Of Your Soul!

Notice The Joy In Life As You Observe All The Synchronicities Brought To Your Awareness From The Depths Of Your Own Being!

You Are The Magnificent Soul Of Light In This Temporary Play Of Form!

I Love You So!