Beloved Friends Of Light!

We Often Speak About Crystals That Are Alive With Consciousness. Many Have Learned Of The Power Of Light Within Crystals On Earth. Programming Crystals With The Intention Of Love And Service, Provides Assurance Of The Assistance Of This Sacred Presence With Awareness.

In This Communication, We Will Explore The Creation Of Crystals That Are Present In Your Body Form. Throughout The Brain, Organs And Vascular System, Crystals Are There To Serve You As You Visit The Current Density Of Earth Once Again. These Friends Of Light Are Everywhere In The Higher Realms Of Being. With Great Wisdom And Love, Crystals Have Remained As A Large Aspect Of Each Life, Whether Known Or Unknown In Each Waking Dream.

The Physical Body Is A Projection From The Highest State Of Consciousness Of Your Soul. It Appears To Be Solid And Yet The Vibrating Particles And Waves Are Surrounded By Space And Cells Of Liquid And Matter That Serve You With Sustenance And Activities.

The Body Is Much Like An Electromagnetic Conductor That Is Relaying Messages Within The Body And Outward Into Areas That Extend To All Dimensions. Just As An Antenna Picks Up Frequencies And Sound, The Crystals Within The Body Are Powerful And Allow Massive Communication.

Crystals Within The Body Are Able To Amplify Signals, Store Energy And Filter Information. Tissues And Cells Are Receiving Information From Communication Reflected By Crystals That Are Alive Within The Body. 

DNA Makes Liquid Crystals. This Genetic Code Serves Each Human Being In Form With A Network Of Non-Stop Movement Of Light And Energy Within Each Body.

Biogenic Magnetite In The Human Brain Acts As A Powerful Crystal Conductor As The Consciousness Is Accessed And Multidimensional Perception Is Possible. This Can Occur Only With Eyes Closed Or In Meditation As This Will Override The Density Of Sounds And Sight Around You. This Experience Is Your True State Of Being And Allows Astral Travel, Deep Space Exploration And Visits To Your Star Of Origin. If You Could Only Know That The Answers That You Seek, Are There Within Your Own Ability And Consciousness. These Crystals Serve You Well In Your Awakening To The Truth Of Who You Are!

The Pineal Gland Within The Brain Stands Alone As A Communication Conduit Of Spirit And Light. Crystals Within The Structure Resonate With Frequencies To Connect The Unseen To The Seen. Every Human Has This Innate Power To Use As A Tool To Remember All Lives Lived In Expanded Consciousness And Memories Of Their Origin Of Creation.

Ancient Civilizations Understood This Power And Honored The Presence Of This Unknown Force With Markings In The Middle Brow Area To Depict The Third Eye. Universal Connection And Unity With All Life Was Achieved With Activation Of The Pineal Gland. Higher States Of Consciousness Are Available To All Beings As Crystals Serve In This Capacity Of Assistance.

The Liquid Crystals In Your Body Can Be Changed By The Electromagnetic Field Around You. This Can Serve You As Well As Affecting Your Body In A Negative Manner. For This Reason, Nature Is There To Assist You! Grounding Your Energy With Bare Feet Upon The Earth Will Balance Energy And Heal And Adjust Ions That Move Quickly To A Soothing Resolve. Walking Through Pathways Of Trees And Mountains Allows The Body Crystals To Amplify Frequencies Of Healing And Well-Being.

Cell Membranes Are Liquid Crystals. Each Organ And Blood Vessel Is Communicating In Ways To Sustain Your Life. Your Body Is Designed To Heal Itself By The Communication Of Crystals. Without These Aspects Of Spirit, There Would Be No Bodies. Every Cell Works Together To Maintain Homeostasis. With A Signal Of Pulsing Energy, Each Cell Sends A Message. Crystals Allow Repair, Rejuvenation And Replacement With New Cells That Also Carry Liquid Crystals.

The Molecules That Form Tendons Of Support Within The Body Are Composed Of Collagen Bundles. These Structures Are Crystals. The Rods And Cones At The Back Of The Eye Are Crystals. Imagine The Gift Of Sight And Understand In Truth That Crystals In Many Forms Are Serving You Each Moment.

Each Nerve Cell That Is Covered By The Myelin Sheath Is Formed By Crystals. Without These Friends Of Light There Would Not Be A Body For The Soul To Explore The Density Of Earth.

Just As You Program Crystals You Have Gathered In Your Waking Dream To Enjoy, Know In Truth That You Can Speak To The Liquid Crystals Within Your Body Form. Like Transmitters Of Light, You Are Heard By Every Cell Of Your Body. Your Thoughts Create Energy And This Frequency Changes The Physiology Of Your Body. Crystals Activate With Healing As The Programming Is Constant.

Commanding Your Body With The Intention Of Love, Will Allow Crystals To Serve You Throughout The Waking Dream. As You Shift To Sheen, Your Body Will Be Upgraded To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts. You Will Know Only Perfection Infinitely As Crystals Will Always Live Within.

I Love You So!