Beloved Friends Of Light!

Many Of You Would Be Thrilled To Know About A Planet That Is Very Much Like Yours!

Located In The Constellation Of Ophiuchus, This Star Has Been Called Barnard’s Star. To Those That Live There, It Is Called WAPILOS. The Inhabitants Are Called LOS.

These Lovely Souls Will Greet You In Sheen And They Will Enjoy All Celebrations. They Will Return To WAPILOS Where They Are Content With Their Life Of Oneness.

Earth Would Consider This 7-D, Although By Now You Understand There Are No Numbers. But Using Density And Vibrational Frequency Will Allow You To Understand Their Abilities In Daily Life!

Millions Of Years Ago, This Sacred Planet And The Souls There Created By Source, Were Encouraged By The Galactic Federation To Incarnate To Earth And Experience Life In A New Way. The LOS Had Already Experienced Pure Oneness And Did Not Feel Particularly Excited About The Prospect. Many Agreed That The Experience Of Incarnating Would Bring Depth And Understanding Of Duality.

These Were Ancient Dreams And Proved To Be Challenging And The Result Of The Experiences Led The LOS To Make The Decision To Remain On Their Planet. Maintaining Spiritual Love Without Conflict They Were Aware Of Others In Duality And Sent Love To Them. But They Were Happy With The Lives They Created On WAPILOS.

Fairies That Were Created In Elohim, Arrived On WAPILOS After The Creation By God-Source. They Loved These Gentle Souls And They Chose To Remain With Them. Magical Powers Were Given To The LOS And Their Own Divine Connection To Source Brought Creative Abilities And Deep Love For Others.

There Are No Goddesses Or Elders As This Race Sees All Others As Themselves. There Is No Conflict And All Enjoy Sharing Ideas With Wonderful Communication. All Elohim Races Visit And Enjoy Sharing Meals And Discussions About Life Throughout The Cosmos.

They Are The Size Of Humans With Children Being Small And Adults Being Varied By A Few Inches Either Way. They Are Fit And Strong. They Circulate Light With A Crystal Heart. They Have Hair Which Is Chosen To Be Black, Red, Brown Or White. Many Enjoy Changing Their Hair Color By Magic And This Allows Lavender, Blue, Pink Or Any Color Desired.

The LOS Make Love And Have Sexual Desires Like Humans.They Have Babies And Create Families. When An Infant Is Born, They Are Not Placed On The Ground For Two Years. They Are Always Carried By An Adult. Infants Are Considered To Be Sacred And Part Of God-Source In Literal Essence. They See All As Sacred But Infants Are Sacred In A Special Way And Honored To Be So. Infants Are Happy And Content And They Are Sometimes Placed On The Backs Of Unicorns In An Energy Field That  Holds Them. They Are Lulled To Sleep With Love And Magic. The Infants Grow Into Children That Play With Fairies Daily.

All Animals Circulate Light And Do Not Experience Death. Colorful Horses And Unicorns With Wings, Fly Around The Area And Many Choose To Travel In The Area To Visit Or Arrive For Appointments On These Beloved Animals. There Are Many Animals On WAPILOS That Are Not Seen On Other Planets. One Is A KAROK, Which Is Similar To An Elephant But Smaller And Blue In Color. There Is No Trunk And They Appear To Smile. Their Eyes Are Large And Round. Tigers And Bears Live In A Variety Of Colors And Are Very Small. These Are The Size Of Small Dogs On Earth.

Homes Are Created By Intention As Well As Expressions Of The Soul By Using Skills And Technology. They Enjoy Using Crystals For Homes And Having Casual Furniture Such As Round Chairs With Soft Cushions That  Hold Two Comfortably. These Are Placed Throughout Homes. They Wear No Jewelry And There Are No Devices As You Know On Earth To Entertain. The Technology Is Known And Available But Games, Art, Sculpting, Designing, Gardening And Traveling Are Enjoyed.

The Further A Soul Experiences Oneness In Form, The Less Interest They Have With Material Possessions.

LOS Enjoy Having Tall Buildings To Join In Groups To Express In Art Or Creativity If They Choose This. On Earth This Would Be ‘As Work.’ They Do Not Consider Anything To Be Work. There Is No System Of Money And All Creations Are Shared With Love!

LOS Enjoy Celebrating Life With Music Using Crystal Instruments, Dancing And Singing. Many Enjoy Simple Clothing That Is Very Beautiful With Colorful Silky Pants, Loose Ethereal Top, Drapes And Silky Gowns. Clothing Is Optional And Many Swim In Warm Oceans That Can Be Changed In Color With Intention.

Mountains, Flowers, Trees And Grass Are Like Artwork To The LOS As They Have Been Taught Well By The Fairies That They Can Have What They Desire. Using Their Power With Light, They Create Only Beauty.

They Meditate Daily By Going Within And Feeling The Oneness Of Sacred Love With God Source. This Is Done Individually And Collectively.

LOS Enjoy Vehicles Like Crafts That Move Through Glistening Pathways Like Streets And Can Lift Off And Travel Around The Area Or The Planet! Everyone Has A Vehicle-Craft, Just As You Find Your Cars And Trucks To Be Common.

They Enjoy Consuming Colorful Food That Is Grown In Soft Stalks As Plants. They Are Available In All Places And In Every Color. This Substance Provides All Nutrients And The Individual Chooses The Taste They Wish To Experience.

As LOS Fly In Body Form And Use Telepathy Daily, It Is Easy To Invite Friends To Play Games And Enjoy Each Day!

They Look Forward To Embracing You, As Earth Has Come So Far. They Understand Your Dilemma With Duality Coming To A Peak! They Wish For You To Understand You Are Whole And Complete!

In Light You Are One!

I Love You So!