Laka - Jesus (Yeshua) - December 26, 2022

Friends Of The Great Light!

There Is A Beloved Pleiadian Soul Of Light That Most Will Know As Jesus Or Yeshua.

For This Brief Sharing, We Will Address Him As The God Actualized Avatar Of Light That Came To Teach Great Love!

We Understand That Many Will Be Offended And This Is Never Our Intention!

Understand Fully That This Magnificent Pleiadian From Merope Named Sananda Has Power And Majesty As Serving As A Beloved And Honored Elder And A Leader And Commander Of The Galactic Federation.

In These Moments We Will Speak Of The Man On Earth That Was The Embodiment Of Love!

He Did Not Arrive As An Infant Conceived By Mary And Joseph To Start A Religion!

He Was A Powerful Soul That Chose To Live A Humble Life On Dusty Roads With Parents And Siblings In Jerusalem.

The Power Of His Soul Chose To Allow Such An Awakening That He Would Know His Abilities And Teach Other Souls Of Their Own Power And Mastery. As He Performed Great Miracles, He Taught Others That They Could Do These And Greater Miracles If They Believed.

He Taught About Prayer And The Connection Of God Within. He Taught That Asking And Believing Was Heart And Brain Coherence In The Quantum Field, Though He Used Other Words.

He Taught About Forgiveness And The Healing This Would Bring As You Were Free Of This Energy And Darkness.

He Showed Compassion To Those That Hated Him Without A Cause.

He Knew Before He Arrived From The Pleiades That Many Would Betray Him And Seek To Kill Him. Crucifixion Was The Method Of Punishment When He Walked The Earth, Whether You Stole Bread If You Were Starving Or Told A Lie That Rulers Chose To Be Worthy Of Death. People Were Barbaric And Found Pleasure In The Suffering Of Others.

He Never Died As Reported In Scripture. He Was Flooded With Light As A Magnificent Craft Hovered And Opened To Him. In This Moment He Was Not Alone. But Let’s Visit The Story Again Before We Share His Departure.

Jesus Fell In Love With Mary Magdalene. She Was Not A Prostitute As Reported Two Hundred Years Later When The Decision Was Made To Start A Religion Concerning The Life Of Jesus. She Was His Love. She Was Beautiful With Long Black Hair. She Was Also A Pleiadian Soul Named Nashea. They Incarnated Together To Teach Of The Divine Connection Of All Life. Nashea Is Presently Incarnated On Earth And Is Also Known In History As Lady Nada.

They Traveled To India And Spent Years Meditating And Finding God Within. They Spread Their Message Of Love There And Moved On As Two Sons Were Born. They Lived In France For A Few Years And Decided To Return To The Families And Friends They Had Known As Small Children.

They Had Many Things To Share With The Local People Of Jerusalem. They Embraced Their Parents And Siblings. They Were 35 Years Old In Earth Time. They Told Of A Great Awakening Within That Was Possible For Everyone.

They Agreed With Prophets Of Older Generations That Stated ‘We All Are Gods.’ Jesus Explained That The Birther Of The Cosmos Was Everything. As People Listened, They Begin To Soften And Change. They Were Hearing About A God That Loved Them And Lived Within Them. Not On A Throne In The Sky That Was Ready To Torment Them.

Jesus Taught Of Unconditional Love And The Connection Of Life That Is Infinite.

The Rulers Decided That Death Was The Answer To Quiet This Blasphemer. They Would Crucify Him.

Mary Magdalene Took Their Sons And Hid With Friends And Family. She Watched The Men As They Laid Out Their Plan. But A Higher Calling Was Already In Place. Jesus Joined Her And They Left The Area Once Again. Returning To India They Found Peace With Those That Understood Divine Love. But Their Mission Would Not Be Complete Without Returning To Jerusalem To Speak Of Oneness To Great Numbers Of People.

The Rulers Of Hate Could Not Tolerate The Teaching And Influence Of These Powerful Teachers Of Light.

As A Hill Was Prepared And Crosses Were In Place, The Area Was Filled With Blinding White Light!

Mary Magdalene Ran To Jesus As They Planned Before Ever Coming To Earth! Their 2 Sons Were Taken To The Home Of Their Large Family. The Humming Grew Louder And Blue Lights Shot Down To The Ground As The Circular Craft Descended And Opened With Stairs Leading To The Feet Of Jesus And Mary Magdalene Who Were Transformed To Sananda And Nashea.

Hand In Hand They Walked Gently Into The Light As Friends From Many Pleiadian Stars Gathered Within To Take Them Home To Merope With Great Honor And Celebrations.

In The Moment Of Now, The Soul You Know As Jesus, Is Presently Incarnated On Earth. You Will Meet Him In All Of His Power As We Shift To Sheen.

Be At Great Peace!


I Love You So!