Laka - Last Waking Dream - December 10, 2022

Beloved Friends!

As You Move Ever Forward In This Final Waking Dream, Realize Who Walks With You!

Offer Your Fellow Dreamers Forgiveness And Compassion As You Realize Your Plan To Be Here Together!

Now That The Energies Of These Changing Moments Of Transformation Are Supporting Your Own Soul To Move Into The Transition Phase Of Beingness, You Will Find Peace As You Release And Let Go!

Each Invitation To Engage In Battle With A Familiar Partner Brings With It The Potential Gift Of The Recognition Of A Timeless Friend. A Traveling Starseed That You Have Always Known! Now In Disguise, You Meet As Planned!

Now You Are Able To See Your Experience From The Light Of The Soul And Allow The Love That Genuinely Exists Between You To Emerge And Shift The Dynamics Of All That Will Be!

Ultimately, Each Of You Will Be Able To Release The Other, Unconditionally, And To Move Forward In Anticipation Of The Grand Shift Of The Ages! For None Of The Chaos Lived And Observed Will Matter As You Greet Loved Ones From Many Places!

You Will Find That You Will Think About Instances That Caused Anger Or Pain And It Will Seem Like A Silent Movie. It Will Be Observed And Understood Without The Emotion. You Will Understand As Your Soul Is Perfect!

It Is Significant To Know That Your Present State Of Transcendence Does Not Serve To Invalidate The Challenge Of Your Journey That Was Necessary To Bring You To The Awareness Of Your Light!

So From A New Perspective On All That Comes Your Way And Those Moments Remembered, Know You Are Held In Love And You Have Served Each Other Well!

This Moment Is Perfect!

In Love You Rise As One!


I Love You So!