Laka - Animal Telepathy and Ambassadors

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Perhaps You Are Blessed To Have A Beloved Pet!

For Those That Understand This Sacred Bond Of Love, You Will Also Be Aware Of Deep Communication!

As You Look Into The Eyes Of Your Pet, No Words Are Needed As You Feel One Another.

For Those That Care For Animals Over Time, There Are Entire Sentences Understood By Your Pet.

Have You Tried ‘Thinking’ To Your Pet As They Gaze Into Your Eyes? This Is Called Telepathy And You Can Communicate In Consciousness With The Bond You Have Formed. All Animals Have A Soul And Are Expressions Of God (Elako) In An Essence Of Pure Love. Animals Love Unconditionally And They Never Forget Those That Have Loved Them.

In The Pleiades And On Arcturus, We Have Animals That Serve With Us As Ambassadors. Usually These Are Lions And Tigers But Any Animal Can Be Trained With Great Love And Communication Skills. For Those That Are Close To Us Daily, We Speak To Them In Words And With Telepathy. Our Frequency Is Very High And These Beloved Animals Excel In Abilities. We Start With Play And Small Commands. They Enjoy Learning And Traveling Extensively With Goddesses And Ambassadors For Examples Of What They Will Enjoy In Their Experience.

They Are Always Accompanied By Those That Have Trained Them. The Purpose For This Endeavor To Use Animals As Ambassadors Is To Allow Each Race To Feel Calm And Peaceful As All Races Enjoy Animals. With Petting And Welcoming Visitors That Will Communicate Love And Unity, Animals Are Natural At Showing Affection.

Our Animals That Will Travel In This Manner Are Taught The Languages Of The Races We Will Visit. When We Arrive, We Communicate Verbally With The Race That Is Allowing The Speaking Engagement For Unity. All Of The Races In The Higher Realms Are Both Telepathic And Speak A Language Aloud. Bringing Beloved Animals That Are Telepathic With A Message Of Love, Allows The Race To Feel Honored With Respect.

If We Bring A Large White Lion, He Might Wear A Blue Cape With Crystals. We Adorn Them To Look Very Official. We Stand With Them As The Race We Visit Gathers Before Us In A Large Crowd. Some Races Look Very Different Than Our Appearance And Having Animals With Us Is Charming To Them. Many Races Are Different Sizes And Colors So Our Events Are Quite Interesting!

In The End, What Really Matters Is Our Message Of Light And The Importance To Continue To Advance Into A Loving Galactic Civilization! One Where Everyone Is Recognized With Honor And Known For Great Peace With Others!

Remember To Care For All Animals On Earth! They Are Sacred And Have Added Great Love To Planet Earth!

All Animals Will Shift To The Higher Realms With You! They Will Forever Live In The Light Of God!

I Love You So!