Earth isn’t completely hollow but has many large caverns and connecting tunnels. There are advanced humans who have lived there for thousands of years. This has been known by the military for decades, and by contactees for much longer. This civilization has been called Agartha, but the name used by Pleiadians and the inhabitants, is Pachimilah, and the human inhabitants are Pachi. There are 3 million inhabitants spread across 400 cities made of crystal.

The City of Crystal and the Exodus to Inner Earth

A million years ago, humans were seeded around the planet. Genetic diversity was designed to create opportunities for soul learning within the Waking Dream. The first humans looked like Pleiadians and lived in the area of present-day Sweden, in a place called Crystal. Pleiadians came to be called Nordic because they looked like those with long white hair and blue eyes in this region. These humans were close to Pleiadians and learned to live a very high vibration lifestyle as Pleiadians do.

At this time on Earth, there were negative ETs visiting and many humans were being corrupted into dark practices. Pleiadians decided there would be a place where these humans would develop without any interference. The humans of Crystal agreed and Pleiadians set it up and provided everything needed.

Neioh – For Thousands Of Years As Souls From Many Stars Arrived To Dream Awake, Pleiadians Walked The Earth In Their True Identity. The Powerful Presence That Was Received By Visiting Starseeds Gave Hope To Those Not Remembering Who They Were In Origin. Pleiadians Reminded Them And Friendships Were Rekindled. This Brought Greater Compassion From Pleiadians Who Gathered Groups To Survive The Turmoil Of Earth That Was Being Visited By Dark Beings From Other Densities. They Were Taken To A Place In A Location Far Below The Surface Of Those Remaining In Turmoil. The Creative Moment Of Pachimilah Was Expressed As Crystal Cities. Inner Earth Became A Place Of Beauty With Crystals Adorning All Nature And Pathways Of Flowers Where Crystal Homes Were Created.

Life in Pachimilah

Neioh – These Advanced Humans Of Perfection Enjoy Playing Magical Games And Hiking Tall Mountains. They Enjoy Racing Vehicular Crafts As Well As Flying To Other Regions Of Inner Earth. For Each Entrance To Pachimilah, There Are Dozens Of Light Filled Tunnels That Branch Into Cities Of Creation With Light. There Are Four Hundred Crystal Cities That Thrive And Exist With Great Peace.

Lavender And Gold Mountains With Silver Trees And Colorful Flowers Are Seen In All Areas. Animals With Upgraded Bodies Are Enjoyed As Beloved Pets. Fairies Fly Through Areas Emitting Frequencies Of Love! Crystals Shimmer And Glow In All Places Of These Magnificent Cities Of Light!

Elder Balomesek

Neioh – The Crystal Cities Have A Leader That Was Found To Be Honorable With Service To The Light. In The Tradition Of Pleiadians, He Is Called Elder Balomesek. He Speaks Regularly To Those Gathered In Love. His Wisdom Expresses Through His Soul Of Origin On Electra. He Will Return One Day To Visit Friends And Family. But For Now, His Home Is The Crystal City.

Starseeds In Pachimilah

The Pachi are very spiritually evolved and peaceful. Their presence has always assisted Earth to survive. They look like Pleiadians, or “Nordics”, and are very fit and healthy. They don’t die of sickness or disease. Through many generations of contact they know Pleiadians well. They have soul origins as other humans and return when they choose to leave the body form.

Neioh – Throughout Many Waking Dreams, Starseeds Living In Pachimilah Left Earth And Returned To Origin By Body Death, Returning ToThe Location Of The Crystal Cities Became Absolute As The Place To Experience Life. As Time Went On, Bodies Were Upgraded To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts. This Ended The Return To Origin And Allowed Life To Be Surrounded With The Power Of Light.

Technology and Pleiadian Assistance

UFOs have long been associated with Hollow Earth, but the real connection has always been Pleiadians. The Pachi fly in personal crafts but can currently only travel in space with assistance. Some of them have been taken to the Pleiades and other worlds, which is made possible through Pleiadian technology.

Neioh – Pleiadians Taught The Humans Of The Crystal Cities About Meditation, Playing Crystal Instruments And The Power Within. The Advanced Humans Embraced Love As Expanded Consciousness Was Discovered In Their Awakening To Truth. Children Were Born As Souls From The Pleiades. The Population Increased As There Was No Death. There Are Three Million Souls Living Currently Within Pachimilah.

Solar Technology

There isn’t a sun inside the Earth as has been theorized, but there is abundant light. The caverns are lit by a grid at the top that replicates sunlight. It is a very advanced solar power system, with solar panels hidden at the tops of the tallest mountains and remote places around the planet.

Judith – A mountain, with rocks and boulders covering an opening. This was the opening for underground that nobody can find. Then I was shown from inside, a grid of power and light. There was Pleiadian Technology with a circular tube that opened in many high and obscure places in the mountains around the world. These absorb energy from the sun! The grids act as the sun and provide life, plants, food, anything. The amount can be controlled for heat or needs. This is the answer for how life goes on underground.

Hidden Entrances

There are hundreds of entrances to the Inner Earth hidden all around the world. These would be nearly impossible for a surface human to discover on their own. Locations include: Sedona, India, Spain, Hawaii, Egypt and Antarctica.

Neioh – Technology Allows For Any Pleiadian Craft To Cloak Or Change Densities To A Frequency Unseen When Entering A Location Of Entrance. The Areas Of Energy Vortexes Of Light Are In Sedona, Arizona Which Is The Heart Of Sheen, India, Spain, Hawaii, Egypt And Antarctica. Tunnels Of Light Vortexes Are Activated With The Arrival Of Each Craft.

Reunion In Sheen

Neioh – The Soon Coming Shift To Sheen Will Allow Those On Earth To Celebrate With The Souls Of Inner Earth. They Are Completely Aware Of You And They View You As Family! These Souls Hold Methods Of Power That Will Be Shared With Those Gathered In Sheen. With Unbroken Unity, They Have Gleaned Teachings Of Technology And Methods Of Building Many Crystal Structures.

Modern Contact

There are people in small Swedish villages who have continued to gather for many generations to greet Pleiadians as they land in Crafts. These are the descendants of those who decided to remain on the surface. They have no connection to military or white hats, who are very awake and have chosen to keep this secret for generations.

Neioh – In Recent Waking Dreams, There Have Been Inhabitants Of Small Villages Within Sweden Where Descendants Of Those Dreaming Awake In Pachimilah Still Watch For Crafts. Pleiadians That Come And Go In This Area, Often Land In Massive Crafts To Be Seen. Interacting With Those In Villages Throughout Sweden Has Brought Attention To The Area That Is Supportive With Disclosure And The Soon Coming Shift.

Victor Nilsson

Akatu’s twin soul, Victor Nilsson is from these parts of Sweden. Victor is given resources by Pleiadians for his mission to travel and teach. Judith identified him from a Mooji video where Victor stepped forward to ask questions, already knowing the answers but asking for the benefit of the audience.

Military Involvement

Neioh – Military White Hats Often Meet With Pleiadians In Areas Above Ground. They Enter Crafts And Meet With Pleiadians To Gather Information And Assist On Earth In Many Operations. They Do Not Enter Pachimilah But Have Knowledge Of These Souls Of Light.

Operation High Jump

Pleiadians have confirmed that Admiral Byrd made contact with Pleiadians and Inner Earth humans flying in Pleiadian Crafts. Peaceful contact has continued through the years with select military personnel. Some military have been allowed to enter their domain through tunnels and on Pleiadian Crafts.

Neioh – Admiral Byrd Spoke Truth Of His Guidance Into An Entrance Tunnel Where He Was Greeted By Elder Balomesek. He Was Warned About Nuclear Factors Occurring On Earth And The Destruction This Would Bring To Mankind. The Message Was Received And Many Still Share The Experience Of The Flight That Entered Pachimilah.

Aryans and Nazis

The subject of Inner Earth and Nordic-looking extraterrestrials gets muddied in nonsense about Nazis and Aryan superiority. The hidden truth about the origins of humanity has been twisted into something dark to confuse people. All humans have diverse genetic origins. Souls incarnate into every human race to experience every perspective. There are no superior races. Neither Pleiadians nor the Inner Earth humans have ever worked with Nazis. The cabal has always been in contact with dark forces that want to trick humans to think evil is good, and good is evil.

Other Beings of Inner Earth


There is a race of reptilian beings who are native to Earth but don’t come to the surface anymore. In ancient times they would come up and attack people. This is where some of the trauma comes from with people about reptilians.

Laka – These Reptilians are known now to be seen in many places. They are still beneath the earth’s surface as well as in the 4th dimension where they produce as much annoyance as possible. You can consider them all harmless. They can do nothing to you.