God in All Things

Neioh – The Holy Spirit was made into a 3rd Being by church doctrine when the truth is this is the life force of God that exists in all things. Holy is a word of doctrine. Spirit is the energy of All. Trees are Spirit. Animals are Spirit. People are Spirit, clothed in different apparel so to speak to move and live. Soul is the word used for the individual Spirit Energy but it is a thought construct so that people can understand and realize their Consciousness goes on Infinitely. It is word to speak that we go on after the body form and are Spirit in Essence and that We are a Living Part Of God. There is nothing wrong with using the name Holy Spirit but it is not a separate Entity. It is Everything Living and it is the God Force. It Is Our State Of Being.

The Holy Trinity

The idea of the Holy Trinity which includes “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” is not authentic to the original gospel of Yeshua. The “Father” and “Son” originated with Zeus and Apollo, two of the leading anunnaki gods worshiped by pagan elites.