Galactic Federation Checking Crystal Placement

There are Galactic Federation bases hidden inside our mountains, our lakes and at the bottom of our oceans. They are everywhere, and they choose when to be seen.

Thousands of years ago, giant triangular quartz crystals were placed in specific locations underground, to function as a form of technology for the Shift. When Galactic Federation crafts have been witnessed (Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan) they’ve often been out checking crystals.

Neioh This craft is part of a Fleet of 40 that are checking Crystal placement. There is a Mothership 100 miles up that is undetected. These Crystals are placed around the planet in oceans, deserts and mountainous regions. The Crystals will rise and turn side to side as many Galactic Races enter the area and are guided to land in many places.

2002 ROV expedition off Sanriku, Japan, 421 meters depth