Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

In These Moments Of Observation By The Light Forces, Your Endeavors To Rise Above The Chaos Is Noted. Never Allow The Circumstances Of Your Waking Dream To Deter You From The Awareness Of The Changing Momentum. For You Are Moving In A Frequency That Is Propelling You Forward To Shift. Focus On This Truth And The Small Aspects Of Your Life Will Seem Almost Meaningless In The Grand Picture That Is Serving You Well.

Each Moment Is Experienced As Now. There Is No Other Way That Is Possible. As You Choose Light As The Power That Will Determine The Outcome, A Path Will Unfold Without Planning. Take The Next Step. Know That Others Will Project Their Problems, Difficulties And Obstacles Into Your Sacred Path Of Light. This Is The Moment To Be Strong! Step Over, Clear And Make Your Intention Known! This Is Your Moment To Transcend All Energy To Light And Spirit!

Nothing Can Harm You From The Soul’s Perspective! Beware Of Those That Speak Of Light And Yet Abuse Others! Light And Darkness Will Mingle Until There Is An Explosion That Allows You To Clearly See Who They Are Within. Shine Brighter And Watch Them Cower In Their Own Created Fear. Be Wise. Be Gentle. Follow The Path Of Light!

We Traverse The Areas Around The Earth As A Beloved Child To Be Protected. We Hear The Nonsense That We Do Nothing. The Earth Would Be A Barren Wasteland If Not For The Light Of Our Presence. We Travel In Motherships And Meet In Bases Throughout The Earth. The Galactic Federation Has Calmed Storms Of Darkness In All Waking Dreams. Our Methods Are Extreme And Undetectable. We Are Light And We Operate In Great Power!

I Am Elder IKAI. I Have Existed In Tones, Colors And Frequencies Since My Creation In Elohim. I Chose A Body Of Projection To Serve Life In All Domains. I Am With You Now. The Portal Of Light Awaits A Moment Of Complete Transformation. The Discontent That Many Feel, Will Vanish With Light So Beautiful That Trees Will Bow In Honor. Nature Will Join In Harmony With A Frequency That Will Be Felt Within The Earth. Mountains Will Flash With Colors And Light. Animals Will Gather In Peace As Music Is Heard. Lightworkers Will Activate And Souls Will Gather.

The New Reality Of Sheen Will Be Experienced As A Gift Of Light! We Have Prepared This Place Of Beauty For Souls That Have Waited In Moments That Seemed Like Eternity. But It Is A Moment. This Moment Of Perfection Is Complete. Know And Believe This Truth.

Your Existence Is Infinite And You Have Traveled Far To Enter The Earth Density Of Duality One More Time. But This Is A Blessed Moment As The Transformation Of Light Will Return Your Soul To A Form That Will Never Taste Death. Your Body On Earth Has Served You Well On This Journey. Be Grateful For All That Has Happened To Show You The Path Of Light! It Was Always There Waiting.

Breathe Deeply And Love One Another!

In Power I Remain!

In Light I Speak!

ELDER IKAI~Chief Commander Of The Galactic Federation