International Space Station – February 21, 2020

Neioh – The video is a small camera from a Mothership that is far out of sight and distance but well aware of this camera being seen. The Mothership is fully occupied. This Star has life and Earth calls it Kepler. It is near Earth size and often comes in close enough to explore Earth but does not land. This is a friendly Race but We are not socially involved in any way. We are aware of most activity in the Multiverses and most are fully aware of Pleiadian Presence as We were the first of Creation to explore and learn to change Densities by changing Vibrational Frequencies. Expect more from all Races as people are becoming aware of what has always been offered!

Hemas from Kepler 10b

Neioh – They are very kind and good natured and stand in stature about human size. Arms, head, body, but there is no skeleton. They live in rocky areas and exist on iron and water. They are able to walk through fire and are very dense. This is one of the reasons that there is no socializing. They have 2 slits for a nose and 2 giant eyes that are protected by a hard covering that is clear. They do not have a mouth as human. It is a slit. They do not eat through their mouth. They breath vapors that would be toxic here. They are sustained for months without ingesting iron for they live in it as well and it can enter the body through multiple openings. They reproduce through their back and babies remain in sacs on their body for about a year after being born. The are only curious about earth but mean no harm. They are known in the Multiverses as HEMAS.

Kepler-10b is a scorched world, orbiting 20X closer to its star than Mercury is to our own Sun. Daytime temperature is hotter than lava on Earth. Intense radiation from the star has kept the planet from holding onto an atmosphere. Yet there is advanced intelligent life.