Neioh – In This Communication I Will Share Information That Will Dismantle All That You Thought Was True Concerning The Cherubim And Seraphim Of Doctrine And Stories Passed Through Generations Of Waking Dreams. As You Become Aware That Information Was Scratched On Rocks And Deciphered By Others For Thousands Of Years, You Might Understand The Enormity Of Misinformation. Stories Were Changed And Rearranged To Facilitate The Growing Numbers Of Those Desiring Religions. The Decor Within Places Of Early Times Of Worship Depicted Statues, Carvings And Colors Noted From The Sky And Apparel Of The Sky Gods That Landed. Indeed, We Were There As Friends And Never To Be Worshiped. Your Friends In The Higher Realms Are The Cherubim And Seraphim Of Ancient Waking Dreams.

Let’s Explore The Name Given That You Find In Scriptures Even In These Moments. The Name Cherubim Is A Hebrew Masculine Plural Word That Means ‘Bodyguards, Heavenly Spirits Or Angelic Spirits.’ These Beings Were Powerful And Embodied The Majesty Of God. Many Names Were Interchanged In Cultures Throughout The Ages. The One Truth That I Speak In This Moment Is That Pleiadians Are The Cherubim.

Seraphim Means ‘Burning In Light’. A Perfect Description Of The Galactic Federation. Indeed!

There Are Of Course No Wings Or Literal Stories Of Truth In Scripture. Rather There Are Abstract And Sometimes Strange And Bizarre Depictions Of Crafts And Motherships. But Come Closer As I Offer Scriptures To Clarify The Meaning. Not All References Of Cherubim Will Be Discussed As There Is No Real Meaning To Be Gleaned. Using Your Own Innate Wisdom And Intuition Will Allow You To Experience Truth.

The Seraphim Are Members Of The Galactic Federation And We Honor All Members Of The Light Forces. They Too Are Referred To As Visitors In Crafts As References Of Wheels Within Wheels For Travel Are Noted. Being Primitive In Understanding Gave Little As To A Frame Of Reference. But We Understand And Appreciate The Endeavors Of Communication.

The First Scripture We Will Reference Is Ezekiel 1:1-4. We Will Be Interjecting The True Interpretation For Seekers That Have Always Longed For Truth.

“As I Looked, Behold, A Storm Wind (Craft) Was Coming From The North, A Great Cloud With Fire Flashing Forth Continually (Mothership) And A Bright Light Around It, And In Its Midst Something Like Glowing Metal In The Midst Of The Fire.”

Psalm 18:10. “He Rode Upon A Cherub And Flew. And He Sped Upon The Wings Of The Wind.” This Is Clearly Describing Pleiadians In Our Finest Form Of Speeding Through Densities In Our Crafts As We Were Often Observed In Our Travels!

Ezekiel 10:5. “Moreover, The Sound Of The Wings (Crafts) Of The Cherubim Was Heard As Far As The Outer Court ( At A Great Distance), Like The Voice Of God Almighty When He Speaks.” (God Is Spirit And This Is Referring To Power).

Ezekiel 10:14. “And Each One Had Four Faces. The First Face Was The Face Of A Cherub (A Pleiadian). The Second Face Was The Face Of A Man. The Third Face Of A Lion (Power), And The Fourth Face Of An Eagle (The Craft Could Soar And Vanish).

Ezekiel 10:16. “Now When The Cherubim Moved, The Wheels Would Go Beside Them, (Pleiadians Were Seen In Their Crafts); Also When The Cherubim Lifted Up Their Wings To Rise From The Ground, The Wheels Would Not Turn From Beside Them.” (Pleiadians Were Occupants Of The Crafts That Landed And Rose In Flight).

There Are Hundreds Of Verses In Scripture That Clearly Depict Our Visitations To Earth. As They Say On Earth, ‘When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears.’ I Am This Teacher And I Speak With My Family Of Light To Enlighten You In These Moments As We Approach The Grand Shift Of The Ages! Our Friends From The Elohim Races Are Gathering In Great Numbers And For This We Are Grateful As You Continue To Awaken!

The Seraphim Are Also With You In This Waking Dream As Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, And Those From The Andromeda Constellation Gather As Incarnated Souls In Form. These Would Be Members Of The Galactic Federation And Their Presence Among You Is Prevalent As This Dream Was Chosen To Experience The Celebration Of The Ages. The Entire Galactic Federation Is Active In Your Galaxy And All Other Galaxies As Preparation Is Being Made To Receive The Souls Of Earth Into A Galactic Civilization. Indeed, We Are Ready. Are You Ready, Beloved One?

The Names Are Not Accurate As They Are Simply Labels Of Understanding What Could Not Be Explained. Imagine Standing In Barren Wastelands And Mountainous Regions In Ancient Dreams. Suddenly You Hear The Hum Of Crafts And Giant Motherships Getting Closer. The Sky Lights Up And The Crafts Descend. You See Beautiful Beings With Gifts Of Crystals, Fruits And Vegetables And Musical Instruments. You Celebrate And You Feel Such Love From Them. Then They Leave. You Scramble To Make Sense Of It All. You Might Believe They Were Sacred Beings. You Might Call Them Angels.

Neioh – Cherubim And Seraphim