Elohim incarnate over and over as humans for the Soul experience, to raise the frequency, and some incarnate with specific plans to teach universal truths. Each time, the messenger is confused for the message, doctrine is added, and dark forces infiltrate the movement to steer it away from its original intent.

Before the Pleiadian SANANDA from Merope was born as Yeshua, the Pleiadian EIHOL from Electra was born as Siddhārtha Gautama. Like Mary, the Buddha’s mother received angelic communication and there were prophesies leading up to his birth.

Soul Reveal by Judith

Beloved Friend! Your Sacred Origin is Electra of the Pleiades. Your First Name of Soul is EIHOL JEMOSK. You are a male with the Energy of Spirit and Love! Your hair is long and black. Your mate is named BECHAKOWAH EZEEKIE. Her hair is long and golden brown.

Your complete Awareness of Light and the Power of the Collective Consciousness led you to Create groups that would meditate together. The Presence of God (Elako) and the Frequency of Light brings Peace Within the Souls of all present.

Your home is Created with no roof or doors. Crystal columns surround the terrace where silver pottery is displayed. Your 61 adult children and their families visit to share news and listen to soft music. You and your mate dine at a Crystal table. A statue of Elder Leemia is displayed in a large hallway. Stairs lead to green grass and golden flowers. Fairies fly through the air with horses that have wings. You enjoy playing Crystal instruments at dawn when the sky splits with pink and yellow. You enjoy having small red pandas as Beloved pets. I Love You So! JUDITH