Aya - The Depth Of Spirit

Beloved Ones Of Light!

How Deep Do You Wish To Go?

How Much Do You Really Want To Understand?

This Message Will Not Be For Everyone As Many Skirt The Surface Of Being With Their Focus On The Outer World. To Understand The Dynamics Of Life Around You In Form, It Is Of Great Significance To Understand Spirit!

Who Are You And Where Did You Come From? There Is One Source From Which Life Emerged In Unlimited Expressions. If You Are Receiving This Communication, You Are Part Of God Source. With Free Will And Many Waking Dreams, You Have Explored Locations, Religions, Love And War. All Of These Stories Are Created By Spirit For Experience As You Expand In Consciousness.

The Extent Of Awakening To Remember And Understand Your Place In Infinite Life, Will Be Understood With Communication With All Other Life Forms! The Earth Itself Is A Living Entity With Consciousness! Indeed The Sacred Essence Of Earth Is Spirit! The Earth Groans With Pain And Joy As Humanity Has Been Served With Such A Majestic Home. War Is Felt In Frequencies Above Ground And Below. Higher Vibrations Are Achieved And Felt As Humans Join In Love And Peace.

Spirit Is The Life Force Of All Beings. The Soul That You Are In Form Is Visiting The Great Planet Earth. Never For A Moment Doubt That Spirit Is Speaking To You! A Vast Number Of Souls Speak Continually To Your Mind And Your Life. Are You Listening In Stillness?

Let’s Discuss Mediums, Mystics And Those That Have The Spiritual Gift Of Clairvoyance. Many That Walk Silently Among You, Are Seers Of Spirit And Communicate Seamlessly With Other Realms. In Ancient Dreams These Gifted Beings Were Burned At Stakes As Witches, Banished To Remote Locations Or Considered To Be Evil Or Insane. But Others Could Not Hear The Music Or The Beauty Offered By These Souls Of Light!

Spirit Never Ceases To Communicate. Know In Truth That Consciousness Is Infinite And Your Awareness Is Focused On The Pinpoint Of Life That Surrounds Your Body And Flows Through Your Brain. This Allows You To Be Human As Your Body Functions Only With The Life Force Of Spirit. You Are Vibrating At A Certain Frequency To Be Seen By Others On Earth.

What Does This Mean For You?  You Are Able To Receive Downloads And Telepathic Messages From The Higher Realms. Mediums, Mystics And Those With Clairvoyance Live Their Lives In Multidimensional Reality As Messages Of Comfort, Hope And Warnings Flow Through Their Mind And Sight From Souls In Other Frequencies.

Your Departed Loved Ones Are Aware Of You! They Cheer You On And Only See The Best In You! They Have Lived As Humans In Discord And Trauma. They See Things Now From The Perspective Of Spirit. From This Place Of Light, They Speak To You. With Nudges Of Intuition Or Words Of Telepathy, They Assist You With Great Wisdom.

Everyone Has The Innate Power Of The Infinite Soul. You Have Been Conditioned To Believe This Is Not So. But Pause For A Moment And Become Aware Of A Pet Or Loved One That Has Departed In Body Form. Feel Them As They Send Frequencies Of Love! Know That Their Presence In Your Life is Very Real!

Angels, Fairies And Light Beings Surround You Each Moment!  You Are Loved Beyond Measure By Pleiadians And All Souls From Your Origin And Throughout The Higher Realms Of Existence!

How Great Is The Light That Covers You!
Discover This Truth Within Your Soul!

I Love You So!