Aya - Show Me Your Scars

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Everyone Has The Experience Of Feeling Wounded While Many Try To Deny Their Pain With Projection, Deflection And Blaming Others For Each Apparent Slight.

Some People Carry Their Wounds Like Banners As They Play The Victim And Deny Their Own Part In The Issues At Hand.

Some People Are Peacemakers That Spend Their Waking Dream Trying To Please, Appease And Calm Another To No Avail.

If I Asked You To Show Me Your Scars, You Would Know Immediately Which Role You Have Played The Most In This Story You Are Creating With Others!

Everyone Carries Scars. Let’s Look At The Blessings Of Having Scars. For Healing Only Comes When There Is A Scar. Only Open Wounds Cause Pain And Suffering.

Your Scars Are Beautiful! Whether Inside Or Out, They Are A Testament Of Your Strength And Survival. You Are Still Here, Beloved One!

Nothing Is Ever Wasted And Each Scar Is A Reminder Of The Path You Walked To Find Light! How Many Scars Are Hidden? How Many Have Caused Days And Nights Of Longing For Answers? How Many Scars Are Symbols Of Great Love And Loss! Every Tear That Helped Form Each Scar, Is Sacred Unto Itself. Flowing In Pain, Your Tears Spoke For You In Understanding. Your Tears Cleansed Your Heart For One More Day!

Show Me Your Scars And I Will Show You The Beauty And Love That You Carry Within! Never Be Ashamed Of Your Wounds. For Light Comes Through Each One To Show You The Path Of Peace.

To Those That Carry Pain In These Moments, Know In Truth That You Will Make It To The Other Side! You Will Reach A Plateau Of Well Being And Remember Your Pain Only By The Scar That Is Left. If A Loved One Passed Away, If A Marriage Ended, If A Career Was Destroyed, You Carry A Scar That Speaks Volumes Of Your Ever Changing Life! Without The Dark Nights Of Pain, You Would Never Know The Magnificence Of Healing That The Final Scar Brings!

Whatever You Would Speak To Another In Pain, Use This Wisdom To Speak These Words To Your Own Being. You Are Worthy To Heal And Feel Peace And Love In This Life That Is Such A Gift!

As You Look Closely At Each Wound That Seemed To Destroy Your Peace, Discover The Lessons And Great Wisdom That Were Always There For You! Many Have Learned The Deepest Compassion And Empathy By Their Own Pain And Loss. Having Gleaned The Experience On Their Own Path, New Ways Of Assisting Others Has Opened. Expanded Consciousness With Growth And Understanding Arrive With Your Beautiful Scars Of Hope!

Show Me Your Scars And I Will Kiss Them All. We Are One Light In Many Disguises In This Waking Dream With Endless Perceptions!

Allow The Pain To Pass And Welcome The Scars Of Healing!

Find Beauty Each New Moment And Never Regret The Path You Have Walked! You Have Never Been Alone! Such A Vast Number Of Souls Stand With You As We Move Toward The Grand Shift!

Be As One!

I Love You So!