Aya - Go Within

Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

I Share The Love Of My Soul With You!

I Send Frequencies Of Harmony And Serenity!

I Sit With You As Questions Arise About Evil And Darkness, When All You Long For Is Peace!

As You Hear Of Earthquakes, Broken Promises And Wars, Know These Things Must Be!

With Free Will, Many Are Gathering In Light As Others Are Taking Their Final Role In Darkness!

Be Still. Be Very Still And Go Within! These Are Not Just Repetitive Words!

This Is Your Answer To Connect With Your Creator As You Intentionally And With Joy, Never Leave This Place Of Comfort And Direction!

You Arrived On Planet Earth With All Power, Every Answer And The Gift Of Aligning With Your Soul To Discover Each Path! Then Your Soul Added Another Gift! A Sacred Guide That Speaks To You With Telepathy, Nudges, Feelings, Music And Directions To Find Other Starseeds That Are Awakening And Looking For You!

This Is Not The End Of Earth! And This Most Certainly Is Not The End Of You!

You Have Many Journeys Of Light And Travel Beyond Sheen And The Gathering Of Light In Grand Celebrations!

With Light Guiding You, The Path Will Always Bring You To Options Of Magnificent Variables!

You Are Never Limited As You Choose The Highest Path For Self And All Others!

Place Your Arms Around Yourself Now. Close Your Eyes And Breathe Deeply! This Very Moment Will Teach You How To Go Within! Feel The Peace And Silence As You Commune With Your Higher Self!

You Are The Love Of God (ELAKO). You Will Find Great Peace Each Time Your Attention Goes To Your Sacred Heart! You Will Understand That You Are One Way God Is Expressing In Form.

Love Everyone! Love Yourself! Love The Rainy Days And The Sunny Days As God’s Presence Is In All Places!

I Will Remain With You As The Sky Lights In A Kaleidoscope Of Ethereal Colors As A Backdrop For The Thousands Of Flashing Lights And Music That Will Mesmerize You!

Be Kind To All Beings! Forgive Everyone For Everything!

We Rise As One Light!

I Love You So!