Aya - Communing With God

Precious Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Many Of You Long To Commune With Your Creator In A Real Way!

I Am Here To Speak Truth As I Tell You That Your Life Is Part Of God And Your Soul Is Communing By Just Being!

Many Of You That Are Awakening, Desire To Go Deeper In Spirit As You Have Learned That Nothing Outside Of Your Soul Can Satisfy The Longing Of Perfect Contentment. We Have Spoken That Cultivating Your Inner World Will Bring Peace As This Is The Absolute Spirit Knowing Itself. This Is Your Core And Your True State Of Being!

Bringing Awareness To Spirit And Staying Present In The Moment Will Bring Joy To Your Heart As You Finally Understand Everything Is In Service To The Light! 

Every Single Tear, Every Moment Of Laughter, Every Space Of Grief Or Loss, Every Moment Of Celebration Is Used By The Light Of The ONE That Gave You Life!

Your Beating Heart And Each Breath You Take Is The Sacred Essence Of One Love That Is Your Life Force!

It Is Wonderful To Commune With God In Quiet Moments Without Distraction. You Can Set This Intention And Make This A Priority. Meditation Will Take You Deeply Within As The Silence Of Your Soul Speaks Volumes To Your Life Of Being!

But Know In Truth, You Can Change Your Life Today, By Choosing Each Moment To Know You Are Truly One With God.

Nothing Is Wasted! In Every Rushed Moment That You Forget, Know That Later You May Review Your Day And Understand That Every Time You Allow Another To Have An Easier Experience, You Have Served The Power Of Light And The Magnificence Of Mother-Father God!

‘EE AH’ Is The Name Given By Elohim For The Individualized Consciousness Just Below Source To Give You Understanding That You Are Part Of Everything In Creation. 

The Translation is ‘I Am’.

Know This Powerful Name! You Are This!

You Are Love In Form!

I Love You So!