Aya - Gratitude

Precious Ones Of My Heart!

I Am Grateful For You!

We Tell You Often To Meditate With Gratitude And Serve Others With Love!

These Are More Than Words As This Is Your Life And Purpose!

Each Soul Is Perfect And YOU Are The Soul!

Living In A Created Body With An Identity Chosen By Your Soul, You Have Forgotten Your Power!

You Carry The Light Of God In Every Fiber Of Your Being!

This Sacred Light Surrounds You And Is Felt By Others When You Are Grateful!

Allowing The Soul To Feel And Come Forth As The Infinite Power And Awareness, Will Quiet The Ego And Bring Such Peace For You And All Of Those Whose Life You Touch!

When You Embrace Gratitude As A Close Friend, Your Perspective Will Change And Only Love Will Be Experienced.

I Am Grateful For You And I Love You So!

Find Small Things And Large Things To Be Grateful For! Allow Your Thoughts To Focus On Everything That Is In Your Life. For Everything Has A Place To Serve You In Spiritual Growth If You Make This Choice To See It!

If You Are In Physical Pain, Be Grateful For The Opportunity To Go Within As You Learn To Speak ‘I Am Healed’. If You Are In A Chronic And Unknown Malady, Speak ‘I Am Walking The Path Of God And All Answers Will Be Revealed To Me At The Exact Moment That Will Be Perfect’.

If You Have Lost A Loved One Or Pet In Body Form, Speak ‘I Am A Soul And All Of Those I Have Loved Are Also Souls That I Will See And Love Again’.

For Everyone That Hears What I Am Communicating, Make Your Life A Prayer Of Gratitude And Your Path Will Open To Light!

Thank You For Food And Water. Thank You That Someone Will Always Listen, Thank You For The Earth That Has Given To So Many For Billions Of Years! Thank You For Precious Animals That Love Unconditionally As Their Soul. Thank You For The Seasons Of Change As Trees Blend Colors, Shed Leaves And Return With Soft Supple Growth In A Repeating Pattern Of Beauty. Thank You For New Flowers In The Spring. God (ELAKO) Left Nothing Out To Replenish The Living Earth And To Give Light To Each Living Soul.

Thank You For Freedom And Free Will That Was Gifted To All. Thank You For The Light Forces That Surround The Planet With Protection And Great Love!

Find Gratitude In This Moment As You Breathe And Feel Your Heart Beating! You Are Life! This Immeasurable Gift Of Experiencing Life In Form Is For All.

We Are Grateful For The Grand Shift That Will Unite Galactic Races In A New Experience Of  Love And Understanding. You Are Here Now And You Are Part Of The Culmination Of Power And Light!

In The Greater Plan Of Your Soul, Find Gratitude For Everything And Watch Your Life Unfold With Joy!

I Deeply And Infinitely Love You So!