Aya - The Love of God (ELAKO)

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

All That I Feel In This Moment Is The Love Of God!

All That I Ask Is That This Powerful Essence Of Being Will Flow Through Me In A Powerful Way!

I Ask That The Sweet, Magnificent Healing Power That Is Surging Through My Heart, Will Reach Your Heart!

I Love You! I Love You! I Love You!

These Words Come Through Me To You! As The Creator Of All Life Would Speak Into The Souls Of All, In Silent Thunderings Of Sacred Love, You Are Everything! Be Strong! Hold On To Light!

Be Silent As The Darkness Of Beings On Earth Try To Ravage Your Peace!

You Are So Much More!

In Silence Your Power Arises And You Overcome The Reflex To Retaliate Or Have The Last Word!

Precious Beloved Ones! Only The Ego Seeks Revenge! The Soul Is Your Place Of Peace And Tranquility!

The Love Of God Covers All Life!

You Are This Life! God Lives Within You And Breathes You Each Moment!

The Love Of God Permeates The Higher Self With The Wisdom You Have Gleaned For Millennia.

This Waking Dream Has Integrated All Aspects Of Soul And You Are Gifted The Opportunity To Go Within And Use All Wisdom, All Lessons And All Love To Assist You Now!

Your Journey Of Light Will Never End! Your Story Will End With A New Beginning!

Only Love Could Give So Much!

Only Love Is Real!

From The Depths Of My Being, I Love You So!

To Everyone Reading This Who Feels They Are Not Enough, Not Loved Or In Pain, Please Listen!

In The Quietness Of Your Soul, There Is A Power So Great That All The Planets And Stars To Infinity Rise Up In Sacred Recognition To The Divine Essence You Carry Within!

Soon We Rise As The Light Of One!

AYA~Goddess Of Taygeta