Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Your World Has Become So Conditioned To Fight And Enter Chaos At Every Turn. As You Read The Title Of This Communication, Most Would Have The Perception Of A Defense Mechanism Of Negativity. In Truth, We Are Speaking Of Something Much Greater. That Which Never Changes And Is Always Available Is The Most Powerful State Of Being. This Truth Allows For No Defense At All. This Is Love. It Is Understood And Felt By All Life In Measures That Are Wonderful. At Times, Many Feel There Is Not Enough Love As They Have Forgotten That They ARE Love!

This Frequency Of Life Comes In Many Forms To Serve You With Greater Outcomes. Allowing Any Of These Aspects  Of Love To Flow Through Your Life, Will Keep You Safe Within Your Own Body By Maximizing Health Benefits. This Frequency Of Being Allows Compassion And Reasoning To Promote Better Relationships. With Better Communication And The Promise To Find Peace And Resolution, Love Always Makes A Way.

This Frequency Is Like A Healing Balm As Others Attack Viciously For No Reason. This Powerful Flow Of Energy Could Cover The Perspective Of Those Governing Countries. If Only Their Hearts And Minds Could Be Open To The Greatest Truth Ever Known. Love Is The Greatest Power!

The Greatest Line Of Defense Is Replaced By Love! With This Energy Of Light And Well Being, Nothing Else Will Be Needed To Make It Through This Waking Dream.This Is The Familiarity Of Life That You Live In The Higher Realms. This Is Who You Are! See Love As Your Greatest Asset And Become Aware Of The Power This Brings To Your Life!

Are You In A Relationship? Yes, Of Course You Are! Even If You Are Alone, The Most Important Relationship Is With Yourself. Your Own Presence Will Teach You The Steps To Take In Allowing Acceptance And Kindness. How Would Your Life Change If You Provided Self Love And Care To Your Own Being? What Would You Choose To Eat And What Would You View As Toxic? What Movies Would You Choose For Entertainment And What Would You Change As Violence And Fear Is Offered So Readily?

Do You Have One Friend? Maybe You Have Many Friends Available. But Know In Truth That One Loyal Friend Is Worth Everything. Having The Assurance In Your Heart And The Knowing That One Person Has Your Back, Will Allow You To Relax And Let Love Flow Through You In A Powerful Frequency. A Friend Brings Gifts To Your Being In Ways That Are Magnificent!

Do You Have Family Or Pets? Then Realize The Enormity Of Love That Covers You Like A Blanket Of Healing. Having Someone That Loves You Unconditionally, Through Your Worst Days And Moments, Allows An Inner Knowing That Love Is Real And Always There For You! Looking Into The Eyes Of Love Will Allow You To Relax And Be Yourself In A World That Has Seemingly Gone Mad. Indeed, You Can Know That Your Refuge Is Found In The Love Of Your Own Heart And Expressed Openly With The Love For Another.

Create Your Life From Spirit And Light. Know That You Are The Creator Of Your Story. Changing Your Perspective To Allow Every Aspect That Arrives In Your Awareness To Serve You, Is Powerful. This Is A Gift That Permits You To Have No Enemies. If You Allow Love To Be Your Cover And Shield, You Can Replace A Harsh Word With A Smile. You Might Even Laugh At Words That Once Hurt You.

Love Is Truth.

Truth Is All That Matters!

I Love You So!