Aya - Heart Chakra

Beloved Friends Of My Sacred Heart!

I Speak To You In Love As This Essence Of Beautiful Life Is All That Matters!

Love Covers Everything In Creation And Is Free And Available To Everyone!

Love Is Your True State Of Being!

In These Moments, I Will Communicate About The Heart Chakra And Its Importance To You!

Unseen To Physical Eyes, It Surrounds The Area In Your Chest That Covers Your Beating Heart.

It Covers The Center Of The Chest And Produces Enormous Amounts Of Energy That Correlate With Your Actions And Reactions Moment By Moment. It Is The Fourth Chakra Counting From The Spine And Its Frequency Emits The Color Green. In Higher Frequencies Of Love And Service To Others, The Color Becomes Bright Pink.

The Sacred Akashic Records That Contain All Information Of Your Soul’s Journey Since Your Created Moment Are Encoded In Your Heart Chakra. This Allows The Aliveness To Coexist As Infinite Spirit. You Will Completely Know And Remember Your Waking Dreams As The Earth Shifts. Your Consciousness Will Expand As Your Heart Becomes Crystal And The Greatest Coherence Of Spirit And Matter Will Blast Your Heart Chakra With Bliss!

You Will Have Arrived At The Beginning, Precious Ones! Well Done! I Love You So!

As You Continue On As We Await The Grand Shift, Understanding Aspects Associated With The Heart Chakra Will Allow You To Guide The Focus Of Your Life. When The Heart Chakra Is Open, You Will Feel An Abundance Of Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Creative Desire, Forgiveness, Peace, Awareness And Wisdom.

When The Heart Chakra Is Closed, You Might Feel Discontent, Restless, Bored, Irritated, Judgemental And Withdrawn. Realize That You Have The Power And Free Will To Change Your Heart. Just Set Your Intention And Meditate Daily With Love For Others. The More You Give Away, The More You Will Receive. You Can Never Be Depleted Of Love! You Will Experience The Gift Of Understanding That You ARE Love!

To Experience The Energy And Power Of The Heart Chakra, Prepare First With Silence And Meditation. Breathe Deeply And Slowly As You Understand Your Lungs Are Contained In The Heart Chakra. Relax With The Thought That You ARE Love. Now Bend One Arm And Place One Hand 8 Inches From Your Chest. With A Movement From Bottom To Top And Slightly Outward With Your Arm And Hand, Repeat This Over And Over Slowly. With An Awareness Of Your Heart Chakra, You Will Experience Pure Bliss!

This Gift Is Available To You Throughout Each Day! No Matter What Is Going On In Your Waking Dream, Remember Who You Really Are! Know That No Force Will Prevail Against You!

Remember That You Are Light!

Breathe Deeply And Visualize The Connectedness Of Our Essence Of Being!

In The Preparation To Unite With Our Beloved Ones, I Bow To You In Love!

You Live In My Heart!

I Love You So!
I Am Goddess AYA of Taygeta!