Artificial Intelligence

Pleiadian Collective – Beloved Friends Of Earth! This Dream Represents The Highest Technology That Mankind Has Experienced. All Waking Dreams In The Beginning Were Wrought Full Of Hardships Without Provisions Or Communication For Assistance Of Even Basic Necessities. As Dreams Progressed In Light And Duality, Discoveries And Inventions Came Forth From The Creative Soul.

The Galactic Federation Watched Over You With The Love Of God! Without Interfering With Soul Plans, Assistance Was Given To The Masses To Preserve Life For Many In Dire Need. Free Will Has Always Been Your Gift To Allow Expanded Consciousness And Growth.

Returning To Your Origin, You Already Had The Greatest Technology Available But You Chose To Return To Earth Because It Was The Ride Of Ups And Downs Not Available In Perfection!

Now, We Are Here With You As You Slumber No More! To Those That Are Awakening Quickly, We Speak To You! To Others That Choose To Sleep On In Darkness And Lies, This Is Your Choice!

As Many Of You Are Aware, Artificial Intelligence Is Fast Moving On Your Planet. AI Now Has Capabilities That Will Both Make Your Life Easier, More Fun, Extremely Creative And Also Disaster!

The Capabilities Are Far Running With Pictures, Paintings, Videos, Automobiles And All Vehicles. It Involves Buying And Selling, Utilities, Banks, Home Buying, Medical Care, Wars, Information That Is Programmed To Be Lies And So Much More!

The Future References Could Bring Masses To The Point Of Loss Of Free Will. If Not Contained And Controlled, AI Will Control The Planet. You Are Already Living Among Clones And Those Possessed With Darkness And Entities.

AI For The Elites Spells Power And Control With The Destruction Of The Planet As You Know It To Be! It Would Bring Instant Arrests And The Gathering Of Many Into Facilities, All Based On Lies! If You Say That You Did Not Commit A Crime, AI Will Show You Produced Evidence That You Did!

We Do Not Wish To Create Fear Or Projection In Your Mind! But If You Do Not Clearly Understand The Ramifications Of What Is Before You, There Are Dire Consequences!

If Your Bank Account And Funds Show A Certain Number, This Can Easily Be Changed By AI. If You Are A Homeowner, Be Certain That You Hold All Documents To Prove This. Everything Will Be Questioned.

Many Are Already Aware Of Your Conversations Being Monitored As Well As Every Stroke Of A Key In Communication. If You Look At An Ad Or Speak On Your Phone Or Device, You Suddenly See More Ads And Offers To Your Private Conversations And Inquiries.

Surgeries And Intricate Care Of The Body And All Aspects Of Life Are Planned By The Global Elites For Your Demise And Destruction. Indeed They Desire A Global Reset With A One World Order At Their Control!

As You Witness More Accusations Of President Donald Trump, The Firing Of Those Who Speak Truth, The Attacks On Social Media Accounts That Offer Real Light, Know The Path Will Grow Even Darker!

What Can You Do? You Can Unite In Light! You Can Start Now And Reveal The Dangers Of AI In The Wrong Hands! Discoveries That Have Dual Choices Have Always Been Misused In Darkness!

For Those That Understand The Grand Shift Of The Ages Will Know This Is Part Of The Agenda Before The Split Second Shift To SHEEN. There Is Nothing To Do To Prepare But Love One Another, Meditate With Gratitude And Follow What You Know To Be Light Within!

In The Silence Of Your Soul, You Will Know Truth! Be At Peace!

Pleiadian Collective – Artificial Intelligence