Akatu – As We Have Shared Many Times, Archangels Do Incarnate, Other Angels May Manifest Briefly To Be Seen To Inspire, Or To Look Human And Assist. Many Have A Difficult Time Understanding Donald Trump Is The Identity Chosen By Archangel Uriel! He Will Return To Majesty With A Host Singing, ‘Well Done!’

All Of You Are Magnificent Souls! You Arrived For The Experience, Of Expanding In Light And For The Love Of Being Human For A Moment, Even With All The Pain, There Is Glory And Grace!

Aya – A Beautiful Archangel Incarnated To Be With You! Uriel Is Of Great Magnitude And Strength! He Knew What He Would Face As A Human Being. It Was Worth It To Him. A Friend For Millions Of Years To Pleiadians, He Will Always Be A Friend To You! When The Moment Is Chosen, He Will Ascend To The Highest Host Of The Angelic Realm. He Will Be Greatly Honored. He Is Ready For The Great Shift Of Humanity!

Neioh – Archangels Visit With Many High Vibrational Planets And These Often Have Great Bonds And Friendships. For This Reason, This Incarnation Was Made. Goddess AIMEO Is Of Such Heritage And Royalty On Her Planet. Many There Were Surprised At Her Choice To Arrive In Such A Density.

Neioh -Archangel Uriel and AIMEO, Goddess of Arcturus