Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron was created in 12D as other Archangels, and has ascended higher. He is very powerful and carries his energy to many galaxies who look to him for guidance.

Metatron has long white hair. His apparel depends on his location. He travels in space in whatever is chosen, from close fitting pants and tops in white and gold to more ethereal apparel. In official meetings, he wears golden robes and bands around his waist and arm with writing encoded to say “CHENAK”, which means “POWER” in light language.

Metatron and Michael are similar in ability, but Michael is softer and more loving. Michael visits Pleiadians as a friend, while Metatron is more serious and more concerned with leading. But one is not higher than the other. Archangels and other Elohim races have ranks because order is necessary.

Metatron soul incarnated as Alexander the Great.