Pleiadian Collective – In This Communication Of Love, We Will Share Moments In Timelessness That Intersect Divinity Itself With The Beingness In Absolute Service To All Life! These Beings Of Creation Are Known To You As Archangels!

We Honor Them With The Light They Hold For Others!

Created In Elohim In 12-D With Many Others Of Light, Archangels Ascended To Higher Densities And Descended To Lower Vibrational Frequencies To Incarnate For Great Purposes.

Archangel Metatron Has Served The Light In A Magnificent Essence As He Has Traversed The Multiverses Without A Home Or Stationary Plateau.

He Is Honored By Many Galaxies As He Arrives And Assists With Those In Duality As Well As Taking His Place In Ceremonies That Join Beings Of The Highest Realms Of Creation!

He Is Strong In Form And Is Able To Project In Consciousness And The  Complete Soul Of His Creation To Any Frequency Chosen.

He Has Chosen To Enter Your Realm In The Waking Dream Of Alexander The Great! His Abilities Of A Powerful Soul Were Able To Manifest As The Identity Of This Powerful Presence Of Alexander The Great And Allowed The Alignment Of His Identity To Become The Soul Shining Through In Power!

Archangel Metatron Chose Many Incarnations To Walk Among  Ordinary People Without Becoming Famous, In Order To Serve At The Deepest Level As He Led From Light!

In Deep Space He Often Enters Motherships Of The Highest Technology As He Wears White Pants With Golden Robes. He Is Humble With His Abilities And Understands His Power. For This Reason, He Was Gifted The Encoding Of ‘CHENAK’, By The Galactic Federation. On Bands Around His Waist And Arms, His Message Of ‘CHENAK’, Means ‘POWER’ In The Higher Octaves Of Life!

His Hair Is Long And White And It Flows In The Ethers Of Many Dimensions As He Sometimes Is Ethereal By Choice. His Robes Flow As Light As He Changes Frequencies To Appear In Solid Form By Projection!

Archangels Never Create Homes Or Have Families In Their Infinite Existence Of Creation. They Feel Only Love And Compassion As They Serve The Light With Great Strength And Perseverance! 

Many Pleiadians Choose To Serve Archangels By Providing Meeting Places For Them To Discuss And Choose With Wisdom, The Great Purposes Available For Incarnating As A Human. There Are Great Discussions Around A Long Crystal Table As Many Archangels Share Wisdom. Incarnations On Earth Are Never Desired For Experience But Rather Service For Mankind. Once The Soul Has Incarnated As Human, The Identity Is Just As Vulnerable As Any Other That Experiences Pain And Loss.

Archangels Arrive On Pleiadian Stars As Well As Other Elohim Races. There Has Always Been A Bond Of Trust And The Sharing Of Sacred Light! Archangel Metatron Is Kind But Very Serious In His Demeanor As He Enjoys Meetings And Flights In Motherships With The Light Forces!

Archangel Michael Has A Softer And More Interactive Essence Than Most Other Archangels. He Visits Taygeta Often As His Friendship With Elder IKAI is Strong And Lasting With Deep Love And Respect.

With The Ongoing Excitement For The Grand Shift Of The Ages, Know In Truth That All Beings Of Light Are With You In Spirit And Consciousness! You Are Continually Receiving Light Within Your Soul For These Moments Shared As One!

Be Aware Of The Great Number Of Souls Surrounding You With Love!

Archangel Metatron Remains Close To The Earth As The Groanings Of Change Have Called Through The Ethers To The Power That Is Called, ‘CHENAK’

Pleiadian Collective – Archangel Metatron