Archangel Metatron

Michael and Metatron were created in 12D, then Ascended higher. Michael works closely with Ikai and the Galactic Forces throughout all Galaxies. Michael is a close Friend and has great love and respect for Pleiadians, and a personal Love for individuals. His Wisdom is his Power.

AA Michael hair is white.
AA Michael wears robe and cape to Galactic Meetings

AA Metatron is also Powerful and many look to him for Guidance. Metatron carried his Energy to many Galaxies as called on and still does. Metatron has a strong Leadership ability and does not become attached as Michael does or visit others as a Friend.

They are similar in ability, but Michael is softer and more loving. Metatron is more serious and more concerned with leading. But one is not higher than the other. They have ranks because order is necessary. Each is able to do what the other does.