Judith’s abilities allow her to perceive many types of beings, including the Angelic realm. She’s been visited by Angels many times, and has recorded many symbolic visions in vivid detail.

Although the word “Angel” can have different meanings, in this context we mean the spiritual beings, of Elohim, that do not incarnate as humans, or interact with humans as Guides. They are always around us and do manifest to assist in different ways. The also appear to some in visions to communicate what is to come.

Angels and the Portal

Judith – I was in deep space and suddenly a door appeared at a distance of about 100 feet. When I “See” the walls are not present and I have complete depth perception. A very tall Light Being opened the door. There was a Portal. All Life enters through a Portal on arrival and departure. Through the door came thousands and thousands of Angels that filled the area of my viewing. They danced and swirled and seemed to be celebrating. I always enjoy the Angels and sometimes the message seems serious. This time was different. They continued to hold their arms up and swirl and the area became dense with Angels. They came closer and as they did, a burst of Light shot through space. The Angels bowed, then vanished. I saw the Portal only and it was left open. Blessings To All People!

Male and Female Angels

Judith – I watched as a host of Angels came to me all above and around me. Huge and tall and beautiful! The Fairies stayed but seemed to back away in respect. The Angels lifted their arms and they spread their gigantic wings and nodded at me! I was in awe!

They were male and female. Beautiful faces. The wings had Light coming from them! They were Loving and Sacred. I felt this. They surrounded the area where I was. This time I could not count them. Maybe a hundred. The wings were so beautiful I thanked them and told them I Loved them! I watched as they lifted up and back, and vanished!

The Fairies came back and I waved. Many were leaving in Portals. Some flying up into a different kind of portal. Like an opening in space.

The Book

Judith – I was in deep space. I have not seen a BOOK in years it seems. A Light Being and an Angel held the book together. Then I saw a huge ball of fire coming through space to the Earth. I saw that a Heart was within the fire and although it was covered with flames, it was not burning. Then the book was opened and the Angel turned a page. Both looked my way and then the huge book was closed. Fairies and portals came from all over! Angels came from every direction! Then as I acknowledged them and smiled, they nodded and proceeded to fold into the portals. Then the portals also folded into themselves.

Judith – In Deep Space, a Light Being and an Angel are holding a Book together. Suddenly a huge ball of fire comes through space towards Earth. A Heart is within the fire, covered in flames, yet not burning. The Book is opened and the Angel turns a page. Both look towards Aya, then close the Book. Fairies appear from portals all around. Angels come from every direction. Aya smiles at them, they nod and fold into the portals. The portals fold into themselves and disappear.

NEIOH: This was signaling the Shift of all Life