Akatu - Life On Mars

Friends Of Light!

In This Communication, We Will Review Four Races That Were Created On Mars. Three Races Have Been Revealed In Previous Messages While One Will Be New In The Revelation Of Truth.

STEO Live Underground In Deep Clay And Minerals. They Are Peaceful And Remain Private With Little Interaction With Other Life Forms. They Stand On Two Legs But Their Body Form Resembles An Insect. There Are Four Appendages That Are Used To Gather Nourishment Of Minerals Contained in Rocks And Small Amounts Of Water To Sustain Circulation And Temperature. Pools Of Water Are Plentiful Within Caverns And Mountains That Allow Times Of Refreshing And Relaxation Among The STEO.

The CEKAO Are Beings That Resemble Lizards In Form With Skin That Changes Colors From Tan To Green Or Dark Grey As Their Emotions Shift. They Experience Anger, Fear And Love And Are Guided In Survival By These Projections. They Stand Three Feet Tall With A Nose And Mouth Area That Is Open And Circular. Breathing And Consuming Elements Of Rocks, Debris And Water Is Achieved In This Method. Changing Color Allows The CEKAO To Camouflage In Any Location On Mars. This Is Their Primary Defense Against Visitors That Are Threatening.

The Next Race We Will Briefly Mention Is A Group Of Beings Called FELO. These Peaceful Beings Were Created Millions Of Years Ago And Lived Among Beautiful Rock Formations And Majestic Mountains. They Are Red In Color As Clay Would Look To You. They Resemble Rocks And They Also Used Camouflage To Hide From Danger. Living For An Extended Period Of Peace, They Also Remained Quite Primitive In Advancement. Many Races Landed In Crafts To Explore And The FELO Retreated Into Isolation. As The Galactic Federation Offered Assistance And Teaching While Visiting, The FELO Learned To Build Structures Within The Mountains That They Called Home. A Group Of Dark Beings Arrived And Captured These Loving Beings And Took Them To Planets Of Isolation And Hard Labor. The Light Forces Arrived And Freed Them And They Were Relocated To An Uninhabited Planet. There, The FELO Live In Great Peace. They Are Visited  With News And Updates Of Changes In The Cosmos As The Galactic Federation Oversees Their Endeavors.

There Is A Race Of Beings Called BLAKEE. These Souls Live In A Body Form With Two Legs And Two Arms With Webbing Between Four Fingers On Each Hand. They Have A Rough Skin Texture With Reddish Orange Skin. Their Eyes Are Black And Slanted And Their Nose Is Narrow With A Circular Shaped Mouth. They Also Live With The Sustenance Of Minerals, Elements And Water From Their Habitat Of Living Conditions.

All Four Of These Races Have Families With New Life Born. They Have Lifespans Of Five Thousand Years Or More. They Incarnate Back Into Their Own Race. They Are Peaceful And Content With Life!

There Are Bases Within The Rocks And Mountains Where Members Of The Galactic Federation Meet With Honor. Beneath The Images Of Debris, Rocks And Caverns, There Are Openings That Lead To Chambers Of Gold And Crystals. Arriving In Motherships To Areas Unseen Are Operational And Seamless With The Power Of The Light Forces. Surveying The Area In Preparation For New Civilizations Of Peace Is A Powerful Mission Of Planning With Great Love!

Life Is Sacred And Ongoing On The Planet You Know As Mars. There Will Be Civilizations That Will Be Of Great Beauty And High Technology In The Perceived Future Of This Great Planet. Crystal Structures And Areas Of Travel Will Transform The Land To Beauty. Souls Of The New Earth Will Enjoy Visiting Mars As Part Of The New Abilities To Travel Without Limitation!

Indeed, You Are Part Of Such A Magnificent Unity Of Races That Will Unite With Great Intention!


I Love You So!