Akatu - Embracing Change

Friends Of Living Light!

I Send You Love And Joy From The Depths Of My Being!

In These Moments I Encourage You To Embrace Change And Recognize The Resistance That You Unconsciously Hold Onto When Your True Intention Is To Move Forward And Never Stop! Indeed!

Resisting Necessary Change Will Only Prolong Repetitions Of Experience That You Outgrew Long Ago!

Observing The Chaos Of The Planet In These Moments Will Often Energetically Remind You Of Past Disappointments When In Truth, You Have Mastered The Most Difficult Challenges With Grace And Bravery!

If You View Life As ‘The Way It Is Supposed To Be,’ You Are In For More Surprises.

This Will Never Be Reality!

The Moment You Hold On To An Idea, A Person, Money Or Vanity, You Will Quickly Notice All Has Shifted And Now You Have A New Reality! This Is Life On Earth!

Letting Go Will Allow You Excitement And The Absence Of Feeling Like A Victim.

Being Led By Emotions Will Make You Feel You Are On A Never Ending Carousel And The Only Way Off Is To Jump!

Breathe Deeply! Don’t Jump! Dial It Down And Dance For A Moment!

You Will Find That Eventually In The Tiring Of The Injustice Of It All, A Glimmer Of Light Will Call To You!

You Will Remember There Is A Greater Purpose! You Will Remind Yourself Of The Endless Illusions That You Created As Bread Crumbs To Follow. Where? Only To The Light Of Being!

You Will Look Within And Remember The Clues That Will Lead You Out Of The Wilderness.

You Will Remember The Freedom And Power Of Your Soul!

In This Place Of Light, You Have Set The Stage For The Shift Of The Ages, For Expanded Consciousness And For The Infinite Knowing That You Are Completely Safe And Loved Beyond Any Waking Dream That You Remember!

You Will Know Fully Who You Are And Your Divine Purpose With All That Gather In Joy With You To Celebrate!

I Remind You Often, I Am The Short Brother That Is Much Smarter And More Fun Than The Others!

In Bliss We Remain!

In Light We Fly High!

Let’s Do This!

I Love You So!