Akatu - About Souls

Friends Of Earth!

As We Continue To Bring The Light Of Truth And Knowledge To Your Being, Understand Fully That Your Soul Is Quite Aware Of All Information Shared.

In Expanded Consciousness This Is Your Experience!

We Are Messengers To Remind You Of Many Aspects Of Life You Chose To Forget To Allow Awakening In Form As You Break The Matrix Into Dust And Remember Who You Really Are!

Allow These Moments To Take You To Places In Your Waking Dream. Things Forgotten. Other Moments Will Be Exciting As You Realize Your Own Personal Experience At Play!

You Are A Whole Complete Soul With All Parallel Lives Integrated. This Dream Is The Completion And Joining Of All Aspects Of Dreams You Perceive As Past.

Knowing This Dream Will No Longer Experience ‘Walk In’ Souls, We Will Review What This Term Means. There Are Soul Plans With Intention For Each Waking Dream. If The Purpose Involves Others And There Will Be A Great Difference If The Soul Leaves The Body Before The Plan Is Accomplished, Another Soul Can Enter And Take Over As The Other Soul Leaves. Often Family And Friends Can Clearly Tell That Many Aspects Are Different. But Not Knowing About ‘Walk Ins’ They Simply Believe Their Loved One Has Changed. There Are Also Situations Of Great Body Trauma Or Injury And The Soul Is Dealing With A Personality That Is Challenging And Working Against The Plan. Another Soul Will Discuss This And Agree To Take Over. In These Cases, The Body Often Heals As The New Soul Gains Control And Assists. Remember Always That You Are Not The Person Or False Identity. You Are The Soul.

Now We Will Speak Of The Ten Significant Souls That Each Soul Chooses For Interaction Throughout Their Waking Dream. Five Of These Souls Will Be Human Beings Playing A Significant Role In Your Life. They May Be A Villain, A Great Love, A Friend, Neighbor Or Family Member. They Will Be In Your Life Exactly As Planned By Both Of You Before You Arrived! They Act As A Catalyst For Growth And Change. They Open You To Love And Expand. This Is Sometimes With Love And Other Times With Grief And Loss. The Intention Is Always Working On Your Behalf To Enrich Your Life And Experience! The Other Five Souls Are Non-Physical. They Are Sometimes Guides Or Family Members That Choose To Remain In A Density Unseen After Leaving Their Body In Physical Death. They Can Be Visitors From Your Origin Or Friends From Other Stars. They Have Loved You Deeply And Agreed With Your Soul To Remain With You!

Many Of You Will Remember Exit Points In Your Waking Dream! There Are Seven Exit Points For Each Waking Dream. You Will Notice Some Leave As Infants. Some As Children. The Age Of A Human Is Insignificant To A Soul With An Infinite Life. If The Purpose Of Intention Is Complete, A Soul May Choose To Leave. Many Have Reported Leaving Their Body In An Accident Or Illness And Observing From Above The Scene. This Is An Exit Point. The Choice Is The Soul’s Intention. The Soul May Enter The Body Again And Experience The Recovery As The Human Feels Pain And Slowly Recovers. There Will Continue To Be Deaths Of The Body Until The Shift. Some Of These Souls Will Return To Origin And Meet You As You Shift To SHEEN. Others Will Choose To Remain With You In Non-Physical Until The Shift.

Find Joy In Living Now!

Know That Life Is Happening For You And Not To You!

You Are The Beloved Souls Of Light!

In Love And Power, You Live Without End!

I Love You So!