Akatu - Planetary Involvement

Friends Of Light!

Indeed, You Look Upward More Than Ever, As You Know In Truth, We Are With You!

In These Brief Moments, We Will Discuss The Vast Solar System And The Pinpoint Of Awareness That You Share With Others In This Waking Dream! There Is Much More Than You Can Comprehend, But We Will Focus On Small Aspects!

There Are Billions Of Solar Systems. The Milky Way Is One Of Them And Quite Small In Comparison To Many Others. There Are Billions Of Stars And Planets That Are Known And Unknown To Humans Within Your Solar System.

There Is One Sun That Powers And Gives Life In Your Solar System. The Sun Orbits The Center Of The Milky Way As Constant Movement Occurs With Stars Orbiting Other Stars And The Beloved Earth Rotates And Observes Many Planets And Stars From Your Position. Gravitational Pull Assures That No Star Or Planet Will Suddenly Lose Orbit And Be Lost.

Knowing This Allows You Further To Understand You Are One With All Creation!

The Planets Most Known To You With A Created Name On Earth Are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus And Neptune. Knowing There Is Life On Billions Of Other Stars And Planets, Will Allow Your Consciousness To Expand. Knowing Fully That Life Looks Very Different Than What You Perceive In Your Body Form And You Would Look Very Strange To Races On Other Planets! Indeed, They Might Run!

Pleiadians Have Visited The Stars Mentioned Here. All Are Aware Of One Another. Each Has Their Own Way Of Living And Technology Shared And Developed On Each Planet. We Always Visit As Friends And Prefer That All Beings Recognize Our Place In Existence. They Do Not Visit Or Share Lives In Any Way. They Are Peaceful And Choose Privacy.

The Planets Respect Pleiadians And Arcturians Greatly And There Are Times When They Have Allowed Speaking Engagements From Ambassadors And Goddesses Regarding Peace And Unity. These Planets Have Embraced Peace But Will Never Choose To Join Us In Light. They Understand They Are Created By A Source Unknown To Them. We Teach Them That There Is One Creator Which Is Called By Many Names.

Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans And Orions Do Not Incarnate To These Planets. Earth Has Been The Primary Focus Of Our Waking Dreams With The Plan To Always Unite As One With Expanded Consciousness And Infinite Light As We Meet In SHEEN And Have Endless Choices! Traveling With Loved Ones And Friends Will Open Infinite Possibilities!

Our Intention Has Never Been To Intrude Or Take Over Another’s Free Will. Prime Creator As Infinite Spirit Gave Light To Us Within To Share With Those Who Would Embrace This Great Love.

In Truth, We Recognize ONE Creator And That Truth Needs No Defending!

When Earth Was Created By God, Pleiadians Were The First To Explore And Observe The Inhabitants. As We Were Created In Elohim In 12th Density, We Understood Our Power And Abilities. We Discovered Primitive Life On Earth That Lacked Color And Creativity. It Was Our Gift From The Prime Creator Of All To Assist And Serve By Bringing Animals, Colorful Flowers, Art, Music And Crystals To The Beings Native To Earth. The Flourishing Was Magnificent And We Came And Left In Crafts. We Were Thought To Be Sky Gods. We Came As Friends And Teachers.

Choices Were Made To Incarnate And Teach Further How To Create Paradise On Earth. Duality Prevailed And With Free Will There Have Always Been Wars And Discord.

But The Light Remained And Became Even Brighter!

Our Friends From Arcturus, Andromeda, Sirius And Orion Chose To Experience Life On Earth By Incarnating And Visiting. Find Comfort In Knowing You Live With The Family Of Light!

There Will Be Great Peace And Honor As The Earth Shifts Into The Higher States Of Being!

We Rise In One Light That Knows No Division!

I Love You So!