Akatu - Creating A Space To Be Filled

Friends Of Light!

You Are Ever Expanding With Experiences And Perspectives Gleaned From Many Aspects Of Life!

As You Move Through Your Waking Dream, Many Variables Will Open Pathways Of Change!

Knowing What You Desire Is The First Step To Changing The Narrative To Achieve A New Outcome.

Creating A Space For The Direction Of A Favorable Result Is Up To The Individual. Indeed, You Are Powerful Creators And Your Desires Are Entirely Possible Each Moment!

Setting Your Intention To The Outcome That Will Give The Best Result Is Necessary As A Causal Factor In Bringing Life To Your Own Choice! This Intention Will Set A Vibrational Frequency In Motion To Attract The Unseen To The Manifestation In Your Story!

Belief Is Part Of The Sacred Equation, For Nothing Can Be Real In Your Perspective Without Knowing In Your Being That Truth Has Arrived In Your Discovery! Without Belief, Your Answer Could Stand Before You And Never Be Acknowledged As Happening!

Take A Moment To Ponder What You Really Believe And What You Most Desire In Your Life. This Is The Starting Point To Bring Change And Action With An Effect Of Your Very Intent!

Wait In Silence And Feel The Answer To All Dilemmas As Welcomed Friends! Know That Life Is Serving You With The Greatest Outcome Possible For Your Growth And Expanded Consciousness. Send Love And Cover Others With Light As Your Most Sacred Intention. This Frequency Will Return To You Amplified As A Symphony Of Peace And Serenity!

Knowing That All That Is Good, Resides Within Your Own Being, Will Allow You To Master And Choose Your Own Destiny! For No Creature Or Being Has Any Power Over The Light That You Carry Within!

Cleanse Your Energy Field With Divine Light As You Meditate And Speak To The Infinite Consciousness Of Which You Are Part! You Are Life Itself Awakening To Remember Your Light!

In Love We Live As One!

I Love You So!