Akatu - Cycles Of Being

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Each Moment Is A New Beginning!

This Perception Of Time In Linear Form Is Designed In Your Dimension To Allow You To Move Forward As Your Waking Dream Progresses With Mishaps And Victories!

In Waking Dreams Perceived In Linear Progression, The Soul Is Only Experiencing NOW.

In All History And Perceived Ancient Lives With Primitive Knowledge, The Soul Is Aware Of All Beingness As The Sacred Essence Of God (Elako) In Expanded Consciousness. Life Could Be Explained To You More Easily As A Circle Rather Than A Straight Line.

There Is No Beginning Or Ending In The Quantum Field. This Living Essence Could Be Called The Mind Of God, Or Source. This Abundant Force Of Infinite Love Reacts And Creates In All Aspects Of Life!

You Are This Life In Form!

Understanding Our Teaching Of The End Becoming The Beginning Is A Gift From The Creator To Allow You To Grasp The Power Of Your Essence. Creation Experiences Source In Cycles Of Being!

Creation Itself Has Taught Every Being In All Waking Dreams That Seasons Change As Cycles. Birth And Death Of The Body Are Transition Cycles With No Death At All.

You Are In The Midst Of A Cycle That Has Been Taught In A Thousand Ways! By Doctrine, Prophets, Seers, Indigenous Tribes And All Of Nature, The Observation Of Truth Has Been Manifested.

The Perception And Teaching Has Been Chosen By Mankind To Appease Their Own Egos And Never Consider That They Are Expressions Of Divine Love! It Became Easier To Fight And Divide Than To See The Light Of God (Elako) In Another!

So Here We Are In This Moment Of NOW.

You Have Been Gifted The Chance To Begin Again.

As You Shift Into Higher Understanding With Expanded Consciousness, Everything Will Make Sense!

Your Heightened Awareness Of All Your Soul Has Experienced Will Bring Joy As You Truly Understand Who You Are!

Allow This Moment Of Now To Bring You To The Alignment Of Your Personality With Your Soul.

For Your Soul Has All Answers For This Aspect Of You Is God Knowing Itself In Form!

Find Great Peace As The End Becomes The Beginning!

No Longer Will You Feel Separated From The Source Of Your Creation!

Be As ONE!
I Love You So!