Akatu - Temple Of The Universe Of Light

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

I Am Here In This Moment To Remind You Of Your Divinity And Power! Indeed, You Are A Temple In The Universe Of Light!

You Are Divine Masters That Are Visiting A Place That Has Intrigued You For Millennia!

Here You Stand At The Precipice Of Eternity, Clothed In Flesh In A Magnificent Disguise Planned By Your Higher Self For A Moment In Timelessness!

You Are Visitors That Are Transcending Duality And All Obstacles In A Story You Once Thought Was So Real!

The More Difficult Your Journey Appears Is A Direct Reflection Of Your Mastery! For Nothing Has Happened Without Your Planning Or Control! Allow Your Sacred Light To Shine!

You Might Run Into Walls Until You Discover You Have The Power To Remove All Walls! Indeed!

Your Awareness Is To The Momentary Event And You See Nothing Else! No Matter How Meaningless The Occurrence Is, You Find Yourself Transfixed!

Imagine A Bee Stings Your Foot. Your Awareness Goes There! If There Is A Loud Noise, Your Awareness Goes There!

You Have A Will And Choice! This Is How You Arrived On Earth! Your Will Is Powered By Light!

As Chaos Erupts Or Distractions Of Any Kind Come Before You, Use Your Will To Transcend To Peace!

Change The Focus To The Inner World Of Your Soul! Then Relax And Release! Changing The Focus Allows Energy To Flow Upward And Out As Shakti. Your Power Is Returned To You With Greater Light! Indeed!

Become Calm And Still By Returning To The Awareness Of Your Breath.

Breathe Deeply Now.

You Are The Temple Of Light! See Yourself This Way!
You Are Perfection And The Universe Belongs To You!

I Love You So!