Akatu - Windows And Waves

Beloved Friends Of Light!

Throughout This Waking Dream, You Have Experienced Doors That Shut In Your Face Suddenly!

You Have Known The Pain Of Loss Of Family And Relationships!

It Took Years To Realize The Impermanence Of Each Aspect You Believed Was Set In Stone.

Now You Accept The Truth That Each Waking Dream Is A Flow Of Unending Life As You Go Home To Your Star Of Origin And Return Again For Another Adventure As Human!

In These Moments Of Communication, Let’s Look At Each Waking Dream As Having ‘Windows And Waves’.

There Are Many Times Throughout Your Life That You Experience Clarity With Absolute Truth And Knowing The Best Decision To Be Made. You Follow Through With Peace And Gratefulness As All Unfolds. This, We Will Call A ‘Window’.

It Happens Often And As You Gain Wisdom From Moving Forward, More ‘Windows’ Open. You Are Progressing And Learning From The Guidance Of Your Higher Self And Your Guide Or Group Of Guides At Junctures Of Your Life Where More Are Requested. Your Soul Has Many Friends That Agreed Before Your Arrival To Lead You, Warn You And Give You Words Of Encouragement. Every ‘Window’ Seems To Work In Your Behalf And You Are Amazed.

Then There Are Moments Or Seasons Of Despair. You Lose A Job, Home, Money Or Health. A Loved One Leaves By Body Death Or By The Choice To Not Be In Your Life Further. You Feel That Pieces Of You Are Leaving As You Wake To Pain Each Day. This Is When Someone Says Exactly The Right Words To Assist You In Remembering Your Power And Just How Strong You Really Are! For Some, A Messenger Will Appear As Human With Comfort And Direction That Was Just In Time. Others Will Experience A Visit Or Call From Someone They Have Loved But Not Spoken To In A Long Time. These Encounters We Will Call ‘Waves’. You Are Being Carried By Love! Your Higher Self Has Summoned These Beings To Come To You In A Frequency To Cover You As You Find Your Way To Light Again!

You Are Never Alone! Whether In A ‘Window’ Or A ‘Wave’, The Light Within Is Alive With The Presence Of God (Elako).

The Decision To Create A ‘Window’ For Yourself Is Ever Present As You Meditate And Align With The Eternal Light That Guides You Forward. Before Making Quick Choices In Anger, Allow Others To Leave If They Choose. And Knowing That All Souls Are Safe When They Leave The Body, Relax In Peace. Understand That A Job Loss Creates A Space To Be Filled With Something Greater! You Can Always Find Resolution With A Greater View Through The ‘Window’.

You Can Choose To Become A ‘Wave’ Of Comfort For All That You Meet! A Stranger May Share Their Sorrow Or A Friend May Lose A Job. Stand Strong As You Ask Within The Words To Give And The Love To Offer! Everything You Give Will Be Returned To You! See Another As Yourself And The Compassion Will Flow As A Beautiful ‘Wave’ Of Light!

This Final Waking Dream Has Many ‘Windows’ And ‘Waves’. Each Opportunity Is A Gift In Disguise!

Each Of You Has The Opportunity To Serve And Be Served.

With All Things, You Are Blessed In Light!

I Love You So!